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Common Reasons Why You Have a Low Water Pressure at Your Kitchen Sink

Homeowners may find themselves in a frustrating situation when their water pressure in the kitchen suddenly drops, and the sink is piled high with dirty dishes. Decreased water pressure can make a fifteen-minute wash job into an hour, and it is certainly annoying. There are a variety of factors that frequently contribute to this problem! We will go over a variety of water pressure issues, ranging from simple fixes to those that necessitate the services of a professional plumber.

Water Pressure Problems in The Kitchen 

There is indeed a wide range of factors that can contribute to low water pressure within the kitchen. Here are a few examples of common causes:

Broken Water Supply Lines

One of the most prevalent reasons for the low water pressure in your residence is an issue with a municipal water supply line, which can affect many areas at once. 

When this screws up, you’ll notice similar issues in the other fixtures that use or rely on it, such as bathroom taps, showers, and water appliances, among other things.

Clogged Aerators

The problem is typically caused by mineral deposits as well as debris that accumulates when water passes through a taps aerator, according to the manufacturer. Due to the accumulation of scale on its way down from the source to the tap, the pressure in your home’s pipes will gradually decrease over time as it travels down from the source to the tap.

Cartridge Clogs

The cartridge is a component of kitchen taps that needs to be replaced when it becomes blocked. If you notice that your water flow has decreased, then this could be an issue with the unit’s system and not just dirt in between gaps, as many people think!


If a pipe supplying water to your fixture has sprung an ugly leak, then you’re probably noticing some of the signs. This issue can cause damage in homes with low pressure and lead to problems like flooding or expensive repairs down the line if left unchecked for too long!

Errors Related to Shutoff Valves

You will find supply valves for each sink at your home, which will cut off the flow of water to that particular fixture. Usually, they’re under the sink or behind it. Low water pressure in kitchen fixtures often happens when the shutoff valves malfunction or are accidentally moved into a more closed position.

How to Determine the Cause of Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Fixtures

Water pressure can be restored to normal in kitchen taps by determining the source of the low pressure. A little elbow grease and the proper knowledge can help homeowners decide whether or not they can fix the problem:

Each source of water should be turned on individually. The problem is isolated to your kitchen if all other areas have adequate pressure.

When you have low hot water pressure but adequate cold water pressure in your home, you likely have a problem with your water heater. You should contact your local plumber about this issue.

Make sure the plumbing around and under your kitchen sink is in good working order. Stuffing random things under the sink might have nudged your water valves.

The cause of low water pressure in your kitchen tap might be a water leak if you see standing or dripping water. This problem can be solved by calling a plumbing service.

Are your homes’ hot and cold water pressures low in all rooms? Give your neighbour a call right now. Water pressure issues are likely to originate from your municipal water supply. If this is the case, you should contact your water provider to report the problem. They might be flushing hydrants or repairing water mains in your area.

Easy Fixes for Minor Kitchen Water Pressure Issues

After completing this checklist and still not seeing a satisfactory result, try these DIY fixes.

Check the Water Supply Valve

Check under the sink for the water supply valve. Just give that thing a few turns and check if the water pressure issue is solved. Righty tighty; lefty loosey. Make sure that the valve is set to fully open. And to avoid the valve being closed accidentally, stop shoving random things under the sink.

You Should Check Your Aerator

There is a mesh screen over the water outlet of your tabs, which serves as an aerator. An aerator screen collects minerals and debris in your pipes. Air is also introduced into the water stream, which helps reduce water consumption. Water aerators become blocked with hard water build-up if you have especially hard water, leading to low water pressure in kitchen fixtures. You can quickly fix your aerator by cleaning it.

Check Your Tabs Cartridge

In your tabs, the cartridge sits deeper than the aerator and has a hole through which water passes. Hard water build-up causes these cartridges to blockage or block, resulting in low water pressure in kitchen taps. Most of the time, they just need to be cleaned. Again, this can be done relatively quickly.

Special Cases

There are a few exceptional cases where the elevation of the area causes low water pressure at certain times. This is due mainly to the number of households using their taps at the same time, leaving the houses in high elevation areas with low water pressure. Most homes opt for electric pumps or water pressure booster pumps to have steady water pressure.

Rowson’s Plumbing Services Can Fix Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Taps 

Is the problem still not resolved? Have no time to handle it? Rowson’s Plumbing services can provide you with a licensed plumber. Some causes of low water pressure should be left to a professional plumber. Leaks in your water pipe are not something to DIY. You can rely on us for quick service and expert plumbers who can locate the problem at the source and get your tabs working again as soon as possible!

Water heater repair and installation, water pump repair and maintenance services, leaking pipes, water filtration systems, toilet problems, tabs replacements, blocked sinks, and more are handled by our plumbing professionals. Don’t hesitate to call.

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