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Benefits of a Gas hot water system.

Why choose Rowson's Plumbing service for your gas hot water system?

Are you looking for a new gas hot water system?
Rowson‘s Plumbing Services is the best choice. Our licensed plumbers are also licensed gas fitters, trained to work with all types of gas installations. Our testing equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure that our gas plumbers can detect any leaks in gas lines.
All of our expert gasfitters follow safety procedures to the letter. You won’t find another company like us on the market today! We guarantee it!
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FAQs about gas hot water systems

There is no standard for gas water heater prices. As each gas water heating system is different, each price will also differ. Many factors affect hot water system costs. The gas plumber would have to consider the location and type of property, the condition of the existing gas pipeline, the hot water unit, and the difficulty of the job. It is better to call the experienced team of hot water plumbers for better estimates.

The definite answer is “NO!” Do not, in any situation, attempt to do gas plumbing yourself, or any plumbing job for that matter. Gas plumbing is a hazardous task to undertake without proper training, experience, and a license. Gas is odourless and colourless, yet poisonous and flammable. A small mistake in gas plumbing can end in catastrophe. In most localities, it is illegal to handle gas plumbing without a license, and they may even refuse or cut off your gas supply if you fail to present a gas compliance certificate.

It is best to leave gas plumbing to the qualified plumbers and experienced gas fitters from Rowson’s Plumbing Services.

LOOSE OR DAMAGED IN-LINE VALVE: Unlike a water leak near the tank’s bottom, a leak on the system’s top is readily repaired. A faulty in-line valve is a common source of water tank leakage. This is a handle on the top of the water tank that controls the flow of water.

DAMAGED WATER PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: Most water heaters have a pressure relief valve that releases pressure from the storage tank when it gets too high. If the valve on top of the water heater starts to leak, call a plumber.

NO HOT WATER. Many issues might cause a gas water heater to stop producing hot water. A blown pilot light, a defective gas valve, or a broken thermocouple can cause a lack of hot water in your home.

LOW SUPPLY OF HOT WATER: A cracked dip tube may cause this issue. This tube is designed to heat cold water in your water tank. The incoming cold water supply may be released around the top or middle of your tank after the dip tube cracks or holes. So the cold water from the tank will go to your faucets and showers. A lack of warm water may indicate a sediment buildup in your storage tank. As your water heater ages, minerals like magnesium and calcium start to build up in the bottom of the tank. As the minerals accumulate, the water tank’s capacity to store hot water decreases.

LOW WATER PRESSURE: A bad water heater is the source of low water pressure. Your water flow may be restricted if you reside in an old house with smaller water pipes. Calcium deposits in pipelines are another issue that can affect water pressure. The size of your water pipes will shrink when magnesium and calcium form in them. As a result, warm water from your water heater will not reach your sinks or appliances efficiently.

DISCOLORED WATER: The water coming from your house’s hot water tap should be clear; otherwise, this indicates corrosion in the water tank or on the anode rod. Small cracks may emerge as rust spreads along the inside of your water tank. This will lead to water leaking onto your home’s floors and furniture.

TAKES A LONG TIME TO PRODUCE HOT WATER: When your hot water tank runs dry, it should only take a few minutes to replenish it with warm water. If your water heater takes an hour to heat up, this indicates a clogged burner orifice.

A gas compliance certificate demonstrates that gas was installed or supplied by a certified plumber and a licensed gas fitter and that the work is safe and satisfies QLD standards.

Gas compliance certificates can only be issued by certified gas fitters. Upon completion of any gas installation, repair, or extension, a certificate will be issued. Certificates are typically issued around 30 days after confirmation.

Without a gas compliance certificate, gas cannot be distributed, nor can new gas installations or gas fittings be installed.

A gas certificate is necessary when the conditions apply.

  • Your building receives its first gas line connection.
  • The gas in your building is being restored.
  • Installing a new gas line, such as a gas hot water line or a gas bayonet for an outdoor grill.
  • Gas appliance installation (hot water, oven, cooktop, fireplace, oven).
  • You are replacing a gas appliance.