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From the Blog

Reasons Why Your Toilet Tank Is Slow to Fill

So, you’re having trouble with your toilet tank not filling up after a flush? It’s quite common for homeowners to encounter this problem. There are many different reasons why the issue could arise. While none of them will necessarily break down or damage anything important (in fact, most can be easily resolved), it may help identify what is causing these problems so that we know how best to tackle fixing things right away! 

To find out how to troubleshoot and fix a slow filling toilet, read on.

Why Is the Toilet Tank Slow to Fill?

Generally, a toilet tank will refill in about a minute based on the pressure of water in your home. You may have a problem if it takes a long time to complete.

For the following reasons, you might be having a slow-filling toilet.

Low water pressure

Some elevated areas have low water pressure, and this may cause your toilet tank to fill slowly. Some homes opt for a pressure regulating pump to avoid insufficient water pressure issues.

Check your taps in all the rooms and see if the water flow is adequate. 

A problem with the water supply valve

A water supply valve is located just below the toilet tank, behind the toilet bowl, and is responsible for controlling the flow of water into the toilet tank. A partially closed valve or a malfunctioning valve may not regulate the flow of water correctly. Lastly, debris buildup can prevent water from flowing smoothly through the valve, reducing its filling capacity.

Tips for troubleshooting: Make sure your valve is completely open. Contact a licensed plumber for assistance if an open valve does not produce enough water to refill the tank.

A Waterlogged Float Ball

Water is regulated in the tank by a float ball. A waterlogged float ball prevents the tank from filling efficiently. Consequently, it can prevent enough water from entering the tank, or it can cause the water to refill at a slower rate than desired.

You can check the water level by removing the toilet tank lid. Your float ball could be waterlogged if it’s partially filled or doesn’t float near the top of the tank. If you need to replace the float ball, you just have to remove the old one and install the new one.

It should be noted that float balls are old toilet technology. In case this mechanism is in need of replacement, consider purchasing modern parts for your inner toilet.

Problems with the Fill Valve Tube

Fill valves are located at the end of vertical tubes inside the toilet tank. Fill valves are used to control water levels in tanks. Fill valves are susceptible to wearing down, blockageging, or shifting out of alignment over time. A toilet that cannot fill with water properly may be affected by any of these negative factors.

After you’ve determined that the problem isn’t with a waterlogged float ball or with the water supply valve, it’s time to investigate the fill valve. Make sure the valve is not worn out or improperly positioned inside the tank. It’s normally mounted on the left side of the tank, with the tailpiece extending through the bottom, where it’s connected to the shut-off valve and supply tube.

How To Fix Fixing a Slowly Filling Toilet

After learning what the cause of a slow toilet tank fill will be, here are some steps you can take to fix the issue.

Call Your Neighbours

Ask your neighbours if they are experiencing insufficient water pressure. If they are, then it’s an issue with the municipal water line, and all you can do is report the problem. If not, then call a plumber; you may have a bigger issue than just low water pressure and a slow filling toilet tank.

Turn On the Water Supply Valve

More often than not, the water supply valve is only partially open is the main culprit. Make sure the valve is fully open.

Adjust the Fill Valve

Follow these steps to adjust the toilet fill valve:

  • Locate the fill valve on the left side of the tank after removing the tank lid.
  • Fill valves need to be secured and evenly attached to their tubes.
  • The adjustment screw on an older toilet can be loosened and the fill valve opened with a flathead screwdriver. We suggest calling a licensed plumber for old models.
  • With a hand, turn the fitting of a modern toilet to increase the amount of water in the tank.
  • For new or old toilets, the water level should be about an inch below the top of the overflow tube.
  • Once the toilet is flushed, ensure the tank has been filled at the right rate and with the proper amount of water.

The Fill Valve Needs Cleaning 

Does the fill valve seem to have mineral deposits and gunk? Cleaning it is as follows:

  • Call an experienced plumber. The fill valve is a tricky component to handle, and without proper training and experience, you may end up with more problems than when you started.
  • Cleaning the fill valve involves removing screws, fill caps, washers and gaskets. Mishandling these might mean that you need to replace the whole mechanism.
  • Not to mention the cleaning, scrubbing and putting it back in place correctly. It’s best to not do it yourself and call the professionals.

Replace or Fix a Waterlogged Float Ball

  • Make sure the float ball is not mounted too low on the toilet float arm. It’s easy to increase water flow by bending the arm slightly upward, so the ball does not fall to the bottom of the tank.
  • However, if this still does not work, you may need to install a new float ball or consult your local plumber about replacing the old-style mechanism with a newer one.

Fix a Valve Tube Problem

The valve tube must be cleaned of debris to fix a blocked one. But this requires removing and replacing hardware that would require gentleness and technique. Mishandling such mechanisms may end up in damaged washers. We suggest you call a plumber.

When to Call a Plumber?

The best time to call a plumber is if you understand your limits and the limitations and dangers of DIY solutions. Call a plumber if you notice a slow filling toilet tank during normal business hours. You’d be surprised how kind a plumber could be and walk you through the actual steps in troubleshooting the toilet tank problem. A plumber would know better and have experienced more of the same situations, and could come up with the correct solution for common issues. So, don’t hesitate to call the best local plumbers in Perth at Rowson’s Plumbing Services.

Common Reasons Why You Have a Low Water Pressure at Your Kitchen Sink

Homeowners may find themselves in a frustrating situation when their water pressure in the kitchen suddenly drops, and the sink is piled high with dirty dishes. Decreased water pressure can make a fifteen-minute wash job into an hour, and it is certainly annoying. There are a variety of factors that frequently contribute to this problem! We will go over a variety of water pressure issues, ranging from simple fixes to those that necessitate the services of a professional plumber.

Water Pressure Problems in The Kitchen 

There is indeed a wide range of factors that can contribute to low water pressure within the kitchen. Here are a few examples of common causes:

Broken Water Supply Lines

One of the most prevalent reasons for the low water pressure in your residence is an issue with a municipal water supply line, which can affect many areas at once. 

When this screws up, you’ll notice similar issues in the other fixtures that use or rely on it, such as bathroom taps, showers, and water appliances, among other things.

Clogged Aerators

The problem is typically caused by mineral deposits as well as debris that accumulates when water passes through a taps aerator, according to the manufacturer. Due to the accumulation of scale on its way down from the source to the tap, the pressure in your home’s pipes will gradually decrease over time as it travels down from the source to the tap.

Cartridge Clogs

The cartridge is a component of kitchen taps that needs to be replaced when it becomes blocked. If you notice that your water flow has decreased, then this could be an issue with the unit’s system and not just dirt in between gaps, as many people think!


If a pipe supplying water to your fixture has sprung an ugly leak, then you’re probably noticing some of the signs. This issue can cause damage in homes with low pressure and lead to problems like flooding or expensive repairs down the line if left unchecked for too long!

Errors Related to Shutoff Valves

You will find supply valves for each sink at your home, which will cut off the flow of water to that particular fixture. Usually, they’re under the sink or behind it. Low water pressure in kitchen fixtures often happens when the shutoff valves malfunction or are accidentally moved into a more closed position.

How to Determine the Cause of Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Fixtures

Water pressure can be restored to normal in kitchen taps by determining the source of the low pressure. A little elbow grease and the proper knowledge can help homeowners decide whether or not they can fix the problem:

Each source of water should be turned on individually. The problem is isolated to your kitchen if all other areas have adequate pressure.

When you have low hot water pressure but adequate cold water pressure in your home, you likely have a problem with your water heater. You should contact your local plumber about this issue.

Make sure the plumbing around and under your kitchen sink is in good working order. Stuffing random things under the sink might have nudged your water valves.

The cause of low water pressure in your kitchen tap might be a water leak if you see standing or dripping water. This problem can be solved by calling a plumbing service.

Are your homes’ hot and cold water pressures low in all rooms? Give your neighbour a call right now. Water pressure issues are likely to originate from your municipal water supply. If this is the case, you should contact your water provider to report the problem. They might be flushing hydrants or repairing water mains in your area.

Easy Fixes for Minor Kitchen Water Pressure Issues

After completing this checklist and still not seeing a satisfactory result, try these DIY fixes.

Check the Water Supply Valve

Check under the sink for the water supply valve. Just give that thing a few turns and check if the water pressure issue is solved. Righty tighty; lefty loosey. Make sure that the valve is set to fully open. And to avoid the valve being closed accidentally, stop shoving random things under the sink.

You Should Check Your Aerator

There is a mesh screen over the water outlet of your tabs, which serves as an aerator. An aerator screen collects minerals and debris in your pipes. Air is also introduced into the water stream, which helps reduce water consumption. Water aerators become blocked with hard water build-up if you have especially hard water, leading to low water pressure in kitchen fixtures. You can quickly fix your aerator by cleaning it.

Check Your Tabs Cartridge

In your tabs, the cartridge sits deeper than the aerator and has a hole through which water passes. Hard water build-up causes these cartridges to blockage or block, resulting in low water pressure in kitchen taps. Most of the time, they just need to be cleaned. Again, this can be done relatively quickly.

Special Cases

There are a few exceptional cases where the elevation of the area causes low water pressure at certain times. This is due mainly to the number of households using their taps at the same time, leaving the houses in high elevation areas with low water pressure. Most homes opt for electric pumps or water pressure booster pumps to have steady water pressure.

Rowson’s Plumbing Services Can Fix Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Taps 

Is the problem still not resolved? Have no time to handle it? Rowson’s Plumbing services can provide you with a licensed plumber. Some causes of low water pressure should be left to a professional plumber. Leaks in your water pipe are not something to DIY. You can rely on us for quick service and expert plumbers who can locate the problem at the source and get your tabs working again as soon as possible!

Water heater repair and installation, water pump repair and maintenance services, leaking pipes, water filtration systems, toilet problems, tabs replacements, blocked sinks, and more are handled by our plumbing professionals. Don’t hesitate to call.

Why Does My Toilet Leak at The Base

So you’re not alone if you notice water pooling at the base of your toilet bowl. It’s something that plumbers see all the time, and it can be caused by a number of things, from tank leaks to loose bolts. One thing is for sure, it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with promptly, so you don’t have to deal with any significant problems down the line. In this blog post, we’ll go over some common causes and offer solutions to help keep your plumbing intact during these cold winter months. 

Common Causes of Leaks in The Toilet Base Include:

All toilets may leak from their bases for a variety of reasons.

Loose Tee-Bolts.

The two bolts that hold your toilet’s base to the ground are called tee bolts. These bolts are likely to loosen, causing the toilet to rock, resulting in a broken seal. When your tee bolts are very loose, drain water may leak out each time you flush the toilet.

Wax Rings Need to Be Replaced.

If the toilet is loose, the wax ring seal usually needs to be replaced with a new wax ring.

In addition to damage from age, wax rings may require replacement because they have become rigid and inflexible over time. In other words, it no longer has a watertight seal. The result is water seeping through the base.

Cracked Toilet.

This may be caused by putting more than just your body weight on the toilet; impact; or just plain old age. You would notice dirty water and excess water on the bathroom floor every time you flush. Another indicator is that the water level in the toilet is lower than usual. The biggest giveaway of a cracked toilet is the visible crack.

An Unsecured Water Supply Line Exists.

There will be a constant water leak if there is a loose water supply line, rather than just when you flush. You should make sure the rubber seal and the nut on the connection of the supply line to the tank have a tight seal.

A Large Amount of Water Is Condensing on The Toilet.

Most toilet tanks and bowls contain cold water, as do the porcelain bowls. When your room is humid, water will drip from the porcelain on the bowl, causing water to pool at the base of your toilet. 

Once you’ve discovered the actual toilet leak’s source, we will know what to do next.

When Should I Call a Plumber?

It’s best to call a professional plumber for anything that concerns the toilet. The toilet manages human waste and is the only connection to the home and sewer pipes. It’s best to leave that to trained professionals who know how to handle black water. 

What the Plumbers Are Trained to Do:

In replacing the wax ring seal on a toilet, the plumber would need to shut off the water supply for the toilet tank. To minimize the wetness of the workspace, the tank would be emptied by flushing the remaining contents of the tank and removing the tank lid to make sure it’s empty.

The water supply tube should be disconnected and the tee bolt nuts exposed and removed. The plumber will carefully rock the toilet back and forth and break the seal and slowly remove the toilet and avoid potential damage. With a putty knife, the old wax gasket will also be removed from the bottom of the toilet and from the flange in the floor.

The floor flanges would need to be checked if they needed to be replaced entirely. 

After the wax seal has been replaced, the toilet needs to be put back in place securely and tightly.

In the event of a cracked toilet, it would more or less constitute emergency plumbing issues and would need to be addressed immediately. It’s not just a leaky toilet base; it would be best not to put any weight on that cracked toilet. Call a plumbing service and tell them about the cracked toilet. Most plumbers would hook you up with the best toilet models to replace the cracked toilet. Not to mention the instalment of such a fixture.

How to Prevent Future Leaks

Most toilet leaks are caused by wear and tear. Over the course of the toilet’s life of service, wax seals will eventually break, water supply gaskets will leak condensation is natural. The only thing we can actively avoid is putting too much weight on the toilet. The wax seal and the bowl are designed to support body weight at certain angles. Using a toilet for other activities that they weren’t meant for would undoubtedly cause damage. 

Regular inspection of your plumbing, including the toilet, would make sure that any plumbing issues are discovered and dealt with before getting too big and expensive. Call the courteous plumbers in Perth at Rowson’s Plumbing Services and ask about regular plumbing checks.


Yes, we are a fully licensed Perth plumber to carry out all plumbing, drainage and gas plumbing jobs. This license allows us to do everything from roofing work as well as electrical wiring for hot water systems – but it also lets you know that we’re the people who can fix your clogged drains or blocked pipes quickly and efficiently!

Perth residents know and trust us for our 24/7 plumbing services to solve any plumbing problem. Due to that support, we have expanded to suburbs other than just the Perth CBD.

We offer our emergency plumber, gas-fitter, and drain services to residential and commercial properties in the North and South of the river area. Three hundred sixty-five days a year, we’re your local team from Joondalup to Mandurah!

The experienced plumbers at Rowsons Plumbing Services are the only ones you can trust with plumbing issues. All of our professional plumbing services are backed by a labour warranty, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction from your first call until the job is finished. Let us know if you have any problems with our water pipe repairs, gutter cleaning, and other works, no matter how long ago it occurred, so that we may rectify them as soon as possible!

Homeowners experience clogged drains all the time. The good news is that you can fix them quickly when you forget to maintain them! When your sinks or pipes smell, it may be due to backed-up food waste, hair and soap scum which clogs drains and prevent water from flowing freely.

The most common signs of a clogged drain are low water pressure and gurgling sounds, and foul odours leaking onto surfaces near the drain, such as coming from kitchen sink pipes occasionally at night. Clogged sinks and blocked toilets are annoying; we get it. So the best thing you can do for your pipes is to set them up on an annual schedule of professional drain cleaning services from Rowsons Plumbing Services!

It takes our Perth plumbers no time to complete their work with their speedy service. Keep in mind that you should never use commercial products to unclog your drains because they will only make things worse by using chemicals that could harm your pipes in the long run.

Ever since the invention of hot water, it has become a commodity that every home and business needs. It is critical to have your hot water system installed professionally in order for it to work properly. Rowson’s Plumbing can repair or replace tankless, conventional and hybrid Hot water unit while ensuring they function correctly as well!