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Hot water system replacement is a big job, and you want to get it right the first time. But there are so many options.
We know that finding the best hot water system for your home can be confusing. There are different kinds of systems with different benefits. They have different features, but each type of system will also perform differently depending on where you live in Western Australia.
We’ve been doing this for over 40 years. We’re experts at installing new hot water systems in Perth homes because we know what works well here – from solar power to gas-powered boilers, tankless or traditional storage tanks, our team will help guide you through all your options and make sure that when we leave after hot water installation, everything’s working correctly. You’re happy with how things look too!

Types of hot water systems

Why choose Rowson's For Hot Water System Replacement

Rowson’s Plumbing Services is the only choice for hot water system replacement and installation. We offer fast, reliable service in the Perth CBD and metropolitan areas. Our commitment to customer service standards is expected from our team, including management, trades, administration, and support. Every client is expected to be treated with the utmost respect and the highest standard of workmanship at all times.
You can trust that we will always provide you with an honest assessment of your problem before any work begins, so there are no surprises or hidden costs when it comes time to pay your bill!
If you have any questions about what we do or how much it will cost, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We want nothing more than for every one of our clients to feel 100% satisfied with their experience working with us! Let us show you why we are considered one of Perth’s best plumbing companies today!
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FAQs about hot water system replacement

There is no standard price for hot water system replacements. The licensed plumber will have to investigate and consider a variety of factors to reach a fair market price estimate. We would need to consider the type and brand of the new and old hot water systems, the condition of the existing water pipes and hot water unit, the type and location of the property, and the equipment needed to install the new hot water system effectively. It just stands to reason that a replacement that involves excavating the old plumbing would cost more than those that do not need digging or looking for pipes inside walls. It would be best to contact the hot water specialists at Rowson’s Plumbing Services for expert advice and better estimates.

The importance of safety cannot be overstated. If you make a mistake when installing a water heater, it may be obvious right away, or the problem may take some time to manifest. However, good installation and regular maintenance will assist in extending the life of a water heater. Licensed plumbers are qualified and equipped to install many types of water heaters, including gas, electric, tank, tankless, condensing, heat pump, and geothermal. Their knowledge and skills include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and building codes, among other things.

A competent, certified plumber can ensure that your plumbing is safe and that your hot water is always available. Professional installation and maintenance create a relationship of trust that can last for the many years you’ll gain from a professionally installed water heater.

Using the same plumber often ensures familiarity with your unit and property, allowing faster and more accurate maintenance and service. Having a competent plumber on-call can also assist in detecting other potential plumbing concerns.

A water heater is more than a heated tank. Depending on the occupant’s needs, wiring, plumbing, and the fuel supply can be complex and require particular skills or training to fix or install. Water heaters often run on 230 volts, which can be dangerous when combined with flooding, spraying, or persistent leakage. Instead of risking serious injury by attempting to repair or install the heater on your own, hire a professional. A water heater professional can ensure that your water heater complies with local building codes.

If you rely on an amateur or unauthorized person, you risk breaching these codes, which could result in fines or other consequences. Damages from a new water heater may be denied by insurance carriers if it is not installed by a licensed plumber. Aside from house insurance requirements, buying a new water heater may violate a warranty if it is not installed by a professional. This requirement may or may not be included in the appliance’s accessories. The warranty may be cancelled if the manufacturer discovers an unlicensed person installed or repaired the device, leaving you to pay for a new water heater and expert installation.