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Gas fitting is a rapidly growing industry, but it can be dangerous if not handled by professionals.
Working with gas fittings without the proper training and equipment can cause serious injuries, even death.
We are professional plumbers who have been working for over 20 years in gas fitting services. The best thing about us is that we ensure our equipment is calibrated to ensure that our gas plumbers can detect any gas leak before it becomes too severe. If you want your gas plumbing system to be safe and well maintained, call Rowson’s Plumbing Services today!

What gas fitting plumbers do

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Do you need a reliable plumber to complete your gas fitting and gas plumbing?
Rowson’s Plumbing Services is a proudly Western Australian owned and operated business that specialises in commercial and industrial plumbing services. Gas systems that rely heavily on the gas plumbing network are quickly becoming popular, but it’s also one of the most dangerous aspects of plumbing to work with. A professional plumber and gas fitter should install and maintain the system. Rowson’s Plumbing Services handles all gas repairs and installations. Our gas plumbers can detect any leak because our testing equipment is calibrated regularly.
You don’t want an amateur working on your business or home, so why not call us today for expert plumbing advice? Our expert team will come out to inspect your property before giving you an estimate on how much it would cost for us to do the job!
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FAQs about gas fittings

Gas fittings or getting your gas connected would vary in price. There are many factors that would affect the gas fitting price range. Qualified plumbers would have to consider the location and type of property, the condition of the existing gas pipelines, and the parts and materials needed to complete the gas installations.

The gas appliance would also have a big part in influencing the cost of the plumbing job. If it’s a gas hot water system installation, it would mean that it involves more than just the gas pipes and would cost relatively more than a gas space heater.

For better estimates, it is best to call our gas plumber at Rowson’s Plumbing Services.

Handling gas installations and connections yourself is never a good idea. This endeavour to save a few bucks in plumber fees may end in a disaster. Gas is colourless, odourless, poisonous and highly flammable. A small mistake in its plumbing and gas fittings could result in property damage, health risks, fires, and even death. It is best to leave gas plumbing to experienced gas fitters. And lastly, a DIY gas plumbing job is illegal. It will get the gas services to stop your gas supply and disqualify your property from having any future gas installations since you failed to provide a gas compliance certificate. Only licensed gas fitters and qualified plumbers can issue a gas compliance certificate.

A gas compliance certificate certifies that a certified plumber or licensed gas fitter installed or serviced the gas. Gas installations, repair and servicing of gas appliances and extensions will all be documented with a certificate. A compliance certificate can only be issued by certified gas fitters and is usually issued within 30 days of confirmation.