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Strata Plumbing Services in Perth

Your home will be part of the strata scheme if you own a unit, townhouse, or apartment. The term “strata title” refers to properties that share a common domain with other properties on the same parcel of land. Each property is referred to as a “lot.” The plumbing infrastructure that runs through the common land is maintained and handled by the owners’ corporation when you share common property. The owners’ corporation is a legal entity representing all of the owners who hold lots on the same tract of land, subdivided into individual units, townhouses, or apartments.
When faced with strata plumbing concerns, many owners question strata plumbing responsibilities. Plumbing lines travel throughout the apartment building, crossing into both shared and private property at various points. A liability assessment is required when a plumbing problem develops, such as a leaking pipe that causes damage to private and communal property. The insurance companies for both the owners’ corporation and the private property owner suspected of the leak will usually look at the strata title plans to identify who owns the part of the pipe that has been affected. This is frequently a problematic examination requiring specialized consultants, loss adjusters, and legal counsel.
Because the designs of the private properties and common property regulated by the strata title and the applicable rules and regulations are usually straightforward, the parties endeavour to resolve the plumbing issue fairly.

What is Strata Plumbing?

Several small and hidden components make up a plumbing system. Strata plumbing is the network of pipes, fittings, and fixtures that allow water to flow into and out of a property that a strata corporation owns. Apartment buildings, residential units, and townhouses are often interconnected, which means the underlying pipework in the boundary walls is shared by many private lots and the overall in-between and surrounding common property. As opposed to what many people think, it is rare to have separate plumbing lines in a group of apartments or townhouses unless this is factored into the construction of the building. Separated plumbing lines aren’t preferred because they can be expensive to install and result in too many water pipes and fittings.

Why Choose Rowson's Plumbing Services For Strata Plumbing?

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FAQ's About Strata Plumbing

The reason for the water leak or fault determines liability for strata plumbing issues. This is frequently difficult to find, but with the proper plumbing equipment, abilities, and expertise, strata plumbing services can successfully detect the problem and offer a detailed report that may be used as proof in any negotiations or disagreements. The following are some common plumbing issues and who is responsible for fixing them.

Leaking shower on private property: If an interior fitting causes the leak, the owner is liable unless the leak can be traced back to a plumbing issue caused by common property plumbing.

Leak through one property to the other: How the leak got to your property is being determined. If the leak were caused by a private lot owner’s internal fixture, the private lot owner would be held accountable. However, if the leak is caused by plumbing installed in between boundaries that services more than one residence, the owners’ corporation will be liable.

Burst pipe under private property floor: Unless a private lot owner instigated the issue, a pipe that has burst under your property is usually the responsibility of the owner’s corporation.

Replacing plumbing fixtures and lines is a difficult task. An individual owner of condominiums, apartments, or townhouses who needs plumbing upgrades may ask the owner corporation to fund them. Generally, however, if the owners’ corporation does not have sufficient funds, the upgrades that affect private lots will be the responsibility of the respective owner. As a lot owner, you need to consider the cost implications of collectively upgrading your property. If you plan to upgrade the plumbing on your private property, be sure to consult with the owners’ corporation as plumbing lines may also impact the common property and other lots; and, you don’t want to be held responsible for any damage caused by faulty work!