Leak Detection

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Perth's Trusted Leak Detection Experts

Finding a reliable and experienced plumber in Perth can be a daunting task. However, it is vital to find someone you can trust when there is a plumbing emergency. One of the services that plumbers often offer is leak detection. A leak detection service can be essential, especially if you aren’t sure exactly where the leak is coming from.

Our team carries all the latest high-tech acoustic equipment, including underwater hydrophones, CCTV cameras, gas tracers, thermal imaging, and surface scanners. With our non-invasive approach and with the help of our equipment, we can pinpoint the exact location of a leak in any pipework hidden beneath concrete slabs, lawns, flower beds, behind walls, and paved areas. In addition to experience, we have a wide range of testing equipment. As a result, contractors and swimming pool professionals call us when they cannot figure out the source of a leak.

Our latest equipment: AQUA M300

We, at Rowson’s Plumbing Services, are always ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and technology. Our most recent leak detection device, the AQUA M300, is an intelligent geophone that can find leaks in any piping system with ease! It has reliable but simple features that help you figure out where there might be a problem quickly.

The battery-powered, multifunction tool offers both acoustic or tracer gas-driven options as well as auto/manual settings available on the touch screen monitor. It has 256 free selectable filters, which allow customization for whatever environment and leaks we may face. 

leak detection rowsons plumbing

Why Choose Rowson's Plumbing Services for Leak Detection?

A leak in your home or business can cause a significant building and structural damage if left unchecked. If you suspect that you have leaking water pipes, drains, or stormwater systems, calling the expert plumbers at Rowson’s should be a high priority.

Rowson’s is the leading company for finding and repairing leaks in your home or business. We have years of experience and the latest technology to help with locating hard-to-find, difficult-to-access pipes that are leaking water behind walls, below the floors, or in the ceilings above you! Our friendly technicians will then complete the necessary repairs, ensuring we get it done right while preventing further damage to your property. Our leak detection equipment is non-invasive and reliable, allowing us to find water leaks with minimal disruption to your daily life and with the best possible results for your home.

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