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Blocked drains can be an inconvenient, unpleasant plumbing issue to have in your home or business. If you have a blocked drain, it is essential that you find a reliable plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Rowson’s Plumbing Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all of the plumbing needs of your home or commercial property. We are the only Perth plumbing company that offers this level of service, and we pride ourselves on being able to help our customers whenever they need us most.

Rowson’s Plumbing Services team will respond quickly to any emergency call out and offer fast solutions for any blocked drain problems you may experience in Perth. Rest assured that we guarantee that we get the job done right the first time and that all our work comes with a warranty.

Our Blocked Drains Services

Why Choose Rowson's Plumbing Services for Blocked Drains in Perth?

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with blocked drains. That’s why we offer affordable rates for our services and are available 24/7, 365 days a year. No matter what time of day or night it is, we’ll come out to your home or commercial property quickly and get the job done right! Our team members are all fully trained professionals who will do their best to solve your problem as fast as possible.
You don’t have to worry about us using inferior equipment that won’t work correctly-Rowson‘s Plumbing Services only uses the latest technology in order to ensure that your drain is unblocked without any problems whatsoever. If you want an expert plumber who cares about customer service, then look no further than Rowson’s Plumbing Services! Call today for same-day service at competitive prices!
Contact us on 08 9540 0788 now if you need help with blocked drains in Perth!
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FAQ's About Blocked Drains

These obstructions are generally the result of the following factors: hair and soap scum stuck on the drain pipes; rust and corrosion damage to underground pipes as a result of soil erosion or an increase in above-ground traffic; broken pipes due to tree roots infiltrating the foundation of the house; flushing toilet paper and other foreign objects down the toilet drain; pouring grease and fat down the sink.

No matter what the cause of your drain blockage may be, we are here to help you quickly diagnose the problem and promptly fix it. You can rely on the experts at Rowson’s Plumbing Services to quickly and effectively resolve any blocked drain issue, no matter how complex.

There is no “one size fits all” in plumbing. The cost of hiring a professional plumber would vary depending on the complexity and severity of your problem. The location, type of drain blockage, number of drains affected, and the amount of damage your friendly neighbourhood DIY expert did to your plumbing will factor into the total cost of fixing a blocked drain. It is best to contact the local professional plumbers at Rowson’s Plumbing services for a quick quote and a more accurate estimate.

It’s never a bad idea to call a plumber at any time. Plumbers can handle any level of severity, so it’s a good time to bring them out as soon as the clog develops to have it diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible. The more apparent signs that you need a plumber are those like these.

  • You need to call a plumber as soon as possible if you have more than one clogged drain in your home or if you smell sewage in the air.
  • A plumber will be needed if you’ve tried the plunger and it hasn’t cleared the drain with vigorous plunging.

A blocked drain is a homeowner’s worst nightmare; worse, it can affect several other areas of the house as well as your health.

Bad water quality

Depending on the blockage, bacteria could be able to reproduce. Bacteria multiply rapidly once food and other refuse particles enter the blockage. Dirty water can be harmful to your health, so in addition to clearing your drains, you may need to invest in a home water treatment system.

An unpleasant smell

Bad smells are flushed away by a steady stream of water in your drain. Foul odours will enter your home if your drain is blocked up and dry. 

Slow Drain

Obviously, a blocked drain slows down water flow, and a blocked toilet is a nightmare for any homeowner, as black water can back up and into your home.

Health risks

A severe blockage can be harmful to your health, making you sick and aggravating asthmatics. Remember that the odour will impact your home’s indoor air quality.


When your drains are blocked up, and severe blockages take place, the water must go somewhere else. This is how drainage pipe leaks happen. Leaks can harm your home’s flooring and walls. Leaks can cause extensive damage, which is why prevention is often better than cure.

Structural damage

Aside from the risk of leaks damaging your home, water pooling in the nooks or near the foundation will deteriorate the structural stability. A blocked drain can cause severe structural damage to your home, which is why you must not ignore it.


Drain blockage can be harmful to your health, so never attempt to clear them yourself. blockages are a haven for bacteria, mould, and other toxins that can make you very sick. A blocked drain is not a DIY job, so call a professional plumber as soon as possible.


Your blocked drain can become a breeding ground for germs and insects. Other critters may decide to make your residence their own when insects are plentiful due to the constant food source. Some insects and creepy crawlies carry diseases that can harm your health.

No! It is never a good idea to do your own plumbing. Even though there are some home remedies on the internet, it is best to seek advice from your local plumber. Some commercial drain cleaning products can cause damage to your drain pipes and joints.

The most common reason for not doing it yourself is detection. The layperson may not understand or know the first thing about determining the causes of drain blockage. An untrained individual rummaging through pipes may cause more harm than good.

Smells that aren’t too appealing

If your drain is blocked up, it’s not going to smell as good as it should. Blockage in the drain can be detected by the smell of decaying food and other organic matter that has become lodged in the pipes. Bacteria thrive when water is running, and this can wreak havoc on the smell.

Water drains away slowly.

It’s another sure sign of a problem if the water in your shower, sink, or toilet begins to drain more slowly. However, in some cases, water may not drain at all due to a lack of drainage. Drains can become clogged if water flows slowly from any of these fixtures. 

A gurgling sound

When you run the faucet or flush the toilet, you may hear a gurgling sound as the first sign of trouble. This is the result of air being trapped in the pipes and then being pushed through the system. Paired with the other warning signs, this could be a sign of a blockage.