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A blocked floor drain can be an extremely inconvenient problem. If you have a clogged floor drain, your home or commercial property will not only give off bad smells, but it may also become very slippery and dangerous for anyone walking in the affected area.
We are proud to offer our 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Perth and WA. Our plumbers are available to help you with all of your plumbing problems, no matter how big or small they might be. Call us today!
Rowson‘s Plumbing Services offers unrivalled customer service, fast response times and quality workmanship at affordable prices for all of our customers in Perth and WA. No job is too big or too small for us—we do them all! Whether you need a simple repair and minor blockage job done quickly after hours, a blocked floor drain clearing, leak detection, or anything in between, – we can handle it!

Common causes of blocked floor drains

Why choose Rowson's Plumbing Services For Blocked Floor Drains

Do you have a blocked drain?
If your floor drains have nasty clogs, it’s time to call the professionals. With our high-powered equipment and experienced team, we can unblock any size or type of drain. Our technicians will arrive on time, work quickly, and clean up after themselves so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You won’t even know we were there!
If your floor drains have nasty clogs, it’s time to call the professionals. With our high-powered equipment and experienced team, we can unblock any size or type of drain. Our technicians will arrive on time, work quickly, and clean up after themselves so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You won’t even know we were there!
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FAQs about blocked floor drains

The cost of calling a plumber to take care of a backed-up floor drain would depend on a few factors. The type of property and the type of plumber are the first things we consider. The other things to consider are the location and severity of the stubborn clogs. There isn’t a standard price for a blocked floor drain clearing job since each case would have different elements. It would be wise to schedule an inspection to get a closer estimate.

The fact that our licensed plumbers may find other plumbing issues in your plumbing system may also contribute to the cost. Not to mention parts and pipes that may need replacing.

The best time to call a licensed plumber is when you notice the problem. A blocked floor drain may be contaminated, and the problem may not be with the plumbing fixture on the floor. Only a well-equipped, experienced plumber can find the cause of the blockage and fix it. So, before you try to do anything, call the friendly neighbourhood plumbers at Rowson‘s Plumbing Service for advice on what to do while you wait for us to come over for blocked floor drain clearing.

Save yourself (and the qualified plumbers that you will eventually call) the trouble and additional costly repairs, and don’t do it yourself! An untrained individual may aggravate the mystery of a blocked floor drain. Unless advised by a professional plumber after learning all the details of your situation, it is ill-advised to even try to use a plunger. Most floor drains are connected to the sewer line, so unless you want black water on your floor and dangerous sewer gases in your lungs and home, don’t DIY a blocked floor drain and give us a call.

Health Deterioration

Blocked drains can be harmful to your health. It promotes the growth of bacteria, which causes diseases and allergies. This occurs as a result of waste material accumulating in pipes. Because of the blockage in the pipes, the drained water and waste flow back. When sewage and waste flow back into sinks, they contain bacteria that spread diseases and pathogens among homeowners. People with allergies and asthma are affected by the bacteria’s microbes. Moreover, the tainted water could also cause severe inflammation and irritation. Thus, for the sake of your family’s health, you should hire Rowson’s Plumbing for floor drain clearing and restore hygienic conditions to your home.

Sewer Smell

When drains become clogged, water and waste buildup within the pipes. This buildup of stagnant water and sewage emits unpleasant odours. The odour spreads throughout the house. In fact, it can cause headaches and nausea in those who live in your home.

Furthermore, clogs cause the pipes to dry out because they block the flow of water. In this case, the waste-related odour is not absorbed by the moisture and water flow. This produces a large amount of unpleasant odours. To avoid health risks, contact Rowson’s Plumbing Services for blocked floor drain clearing.

Structural Damage

The backflow of water from drains soaks into the foundations of most homes, causing structural damage. Water seeping into the foundation compromises the house’s integrity and structure. Flooding can occur throughout the house in extreme cases, causing damage to the floors and walls. Rowson’s Plumbing Services protects the structural foundation of the house through blocked floor drain clearing.

Mould and pests

Standing water is an excellent breeding ground for pests. Stuck water attracts mosquitoes and other insects. They bring germs and various diseases with them. Furthermore, mildew and mould can sprout in your home if the floorboards and internal walls become wet due to a drain blockage. To protect your family’s health, have blocked floor drain clearing by Rowson’s Plumbing Services.

Slow Drainage

The most obvious effect of a clogged drain is a clogged drainage system. With a clogged drain, waste and water drainage are slowed. To get rid of this issue, contact Rowson’s Plumbing Services and have blocked floor drain clearing. Water flowing right back towards the drain and bubbling up is another sign of a faulty drainage system.

Tainted Water

If you ignore blockages over time, the water will become contaminated. This is due to the fact that other waste also travels through all these drainage pipes. When a pipe becomes clogged due to waste, the water cannot pass through it and flows backwards. This water is dirtier and more contaminated than before, and it can spread a variety of diseases to you and your household members. Rowson’s Plumbing Services removes this contaminated water through blocked floor drain clearing.

There are numerous ways in which clogs can manifest themselves, each of which will leave telltale signs behind.

  • Slow drainage is frequently the first indication of a problem with the system. A plumber should be called if you start noticing pools of standing water or what appears to be a tub ring on your floor, which indicates that water has pooled and receded.
  • Weird noises: If you hear bubbling or spluttering during drainage, it’s usually a sign that there’s an obstruction further back in the pipes.
  • Weird Smells: If you’re getting a whiff of anything that smells like decomposition, sewage, or anything else that seems a little strange, call a plumber right away to have your drains checked and cleaned.
  • Multiple and simultaneous drain problems: It is not uncommon for more than one drain to become clogged at the same time. The fact that all of your drains are slow or clogged, however, usually indicates that you are dealing with a larger problem that is not limited to one drain or fixture in particular.