Blocked Kitchen Sinks

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Blocked Kitchen Sink? Don't Panic!

You’re having a party, and the water pressure is low. Or worse, your kitchen sink has just clogged up.
Have you ever had one of these problems? It can be an embarrassing moment if it happens while you have guests over for dinner or during a big game on TV. The last thing you want to do is wait until tomorrow morning when the plumber comes in to fix things.
Rowson’s Plumbing Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help with any emergency drain cleaning needs that may arise in Perth, WA and surrounding areas. We offer fast response times, so we can get out there within 30 minutes of receiving your call and give you peace of mind before anything else goes wrong at your home or commercial property. Our technicians will arrive fully equipped with the latest technology needed for drain clearing and kitchen sink drain repair.

What Causes a Blocked Kitchen Sink?

Why Choose Rowson's Plumbing Services For Unblocking Kitchen Sinks

Rowson’s Plumbing Services is the best choice for all your plumbing needs. We have over two decades of experience in Perth, and we are always available to help you with any emergency or scheduled work that may arise. Our team has been trained by some of the best plumbers in Australia, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing! We offer free quotes, same-day service, 24/7 availability, and more!

You can count on us to get the job done right the first time. All our staff members are fully licensed and insured professionals who will make sure that everything in your home or commercial property gets fixed properly without wasting your time or money.
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FAQs about Blocked Kitchen Sink

The cost of clearing and fixing a blocked kitchen sink would differ from one case to another. There can never be a set price since every case is different. Most plumbing services take various elements into account when coming up with an estimate. The factors are usually the location, the type of property, the magnitude of the sink, and the time it takes to clear the blockage. In some cases, parts and joints need replacement, and the cost of these plumbing fixtures is factored into the final bill. It is best to contact Rowson’s Plumbing Services for an inspection to come up with a more accurate estimate.

unpleasant smell

Blockages in kitchen sink drains and pipes are typically caused by food scraps or grease buildup, which decomposes over time. This process, as well as the bacteria involved, emits a foul smell. In fact, running hot water can exacerbate the odour by softening food particles and drawing odours back up the pipe with steam. As the blockage worsens, so does the odour!

Gurgling noises

Kitchen drain blockages cause strange gurgling and gushing sounds. Air trapped in the drain causes the gurgling sound when water rushing down your drain hits something stuck in the pipeline.


This indicates a blockage when the tap is turned on or when the plug is pulled out, water seems to trickle down the drain hole, and it takes a long time for the sink to empty. There should be no bubbles or backwash when the water drains from the sink. A slow-draining sink is often an indication of a blockage in the drainpipe.

Overflows, Drips, Puddles, and Wet Floors or Kitchen Cupboards

Excess water can be a sign of broken, clogged, or blocked pipes. The pipe’s pressure or blockage can force water out of joints or cracks, causing leaks behind walls, ceilings, floors, or cabinets.

There are a few tricks and methods for unclogging the kitchen sink online, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A professional plumber is trained to identify and resolve the numerous possible causes of a kitchen sink blockage. For a variety of logical reasons, it is not recommended to do any plumbing work on your own. For starters, allowing an untrained person to tinker with your plumbing could cause more harm than good. DIY plumbing projects usually result in more expensive repairs or, worse, irreparable damage that necessitates replacing and upgrading the entire plumbing system. The most important thing to remember about DIY plumbing is that your insurance may not cover the cost of repairing the damage caused by your DIY. It is best to leave the plumbing to professionals with advanced tools and experience.

It is best to call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice signs of a clogged kitchen sink. It is never a good idea to leave a clogged drain alone for an extended period of time. Contact our friendly plumbers right away, and we’ll tell you what you can do at your end while we head over to your location.

  • Avoid getting food pieces, especially starchy foods, down the drain. Throw food scraps into the trash bin.
  • Cooking grease can be saved in an empty coffee can or cardboard dairy container. Then toss it in the compost pile.
  • Put coffee grounds in the trash or add them to your mulch pile.
  • Use a sink strainer, screen, or drain grate to prevent hair and soap scum buildup. Examine the options at your local plumbing supply store.
  • After each use, rinse with hot water, not boiling water. Hot water keeps oils from building up on the inside of pipes, causing sluggish drains and clogs.
  • Pour a handful of baking soda down the drain hole, then hot tap water. The baking soda method is a great natural alternative to harmful chemical cleaners that also absorb odours, leaving your drain pipes smelling fresh.