Blocked Septic Tanks

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Blocked septic tanks are an unpleasant experience. The smell is awful, and it’s incredibly frustrating to deal with the headache of a blocked tank.
We know how bad this situation can be, which is why we offer affordable prices for all of our services! Our team will come out to your home or commercial property as soon as possible, so you don’t have to worry about any more headaches from blocked septic tanks.
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What Causes a Blocked septic tank?

Why Choose Rowson's Plumbing Services For Blocked Septic Tanks

Rowson’s Plumbing Services is the best choice to help you with your blocked septic tank. We are Perth’s leading experts in plumbing, and we have been around for over two decades. Our team of plumbers will be able to quickly identify the problem and fix it so that you can get back to your life.

You don’t want to deal with this on your own, which is why hiring us makes sense! We know how important it is for our customers to do a great job and provide an excellent customer experience throughout the process.
Whether it’s a simple drain cleaning or something more complex like repairing burst pipes at your home or commercial property, we’re here 24/7, ready to assist when needed most.
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FAQs about blocked septic tanks

The cost of fixing any issue regarding the septic tank or black water is more expensive than the common plumbing issue. But there is no standard price for repairing a blocked septic tank. A licensed plumber would have to consider the severity of the case, the location, the type of property, and the time it would take to fix the problem in coming up with the estimates. It is best to call Rowson‘s Plumbing Services for an inspection and a proper assessment.

It is never a good idea to try and fix any plumbing blockage issues yourself, and anything that has to do with septic tanks and black water is even more dangerous.

Any leaks or damage to a septic tank could cause a health hazard not only to Mr. DIY and his family but to the whole neighbourhood. If an inexperienced and unlicensed individual attempts to fix a septic tank issue, they may unknowingly contaminate the entire neighbourhood’s water service line. Please leave the fixing of your blocked septic tank to a registered plumber who has personal protective equipment, knowledge, and the proper tools to handle septic sewerage safely.

At any sign of septic tank failure, you should call a professional plumber right away. Anything to do with black water and septic sewerage could be considered a plumbing emergency. So, don’t delay and contact us right away.

When a septic system fails, untreated sewage is released and moved to places it should not be. This may cause sewage to rise to ground level near the tank or drainage fields or back up in building pipes. Sewage may also find its way into groundwater, surface water, or marine water without our knowledge. Pathogens and other contaminants are carried by sewage. People and animals can become ill if they are exposed to these pathogens and pollutants. They can also pollute water sources, making them dangerous for drinking, swimming, shellfish harvesting, and farm use.

When you notice the following conditions, it is best to contact an emergency plumber:

  • Water and sewage are backing up into the house from toilets, drains, and sinks.
  • Bathtubs, showers, and sinks drain at a snail’s pace.
  • The plumbing system is gurgling.
  • Standing water or moist areas near the septic tank or drain field.
  • Odours emanating from the septic tank or drain field.
  • Even in dry weather, the septic tank or drain field is covered in lush green grass.
  • blooms of algae in nearby water.
  • Water wells with high levels of nitrates or coliform bacteria.

The most crucial step in preventing drain blockages is not flushing anything other than biological waste down the toilet.

The best way to keep your septic tank and leach drain free of blockages is to maintain optimal biological conditions for bacteria to thrive and waste digestion to occur.

Stop using conventional chemical-based household cleaning products. This is one of the simplest ways to protect your septic system’s bacteria and digestive function. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals designed to kill bacteria, which will do so in your tank.

Depending on the size of your family, you should have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 4 years. Every four to five years, a family of three to four should have their septic tank pumped. If your family has more than four people, the health department recommends having the tank pumped every three years. If you do not have it pumped regularly, you risk clogging your septic tank plumbing. You will have a line coming into the tank from your house and the sewer main (inlet pipe) dumping into the tank. When your tank becomes overflowing with solids, it can back up into the inlet pipe, causing your drains to back up into your home or office.