New Gas Installation

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New Gas Installation in Perth

If you need a new gas plumbing installation or any other kind of plumbing service in Perth, you’re probably looking for the best plumber to get it done right.

Do you know who will be doing the work? Is it someone that has over two decades of experience in commercial and residential plumbing? Will they show up on time with all the tools needed to complete your job quickly and efficiently? Are they insured and licensed to do this type of work in Western Australia?

Our team is made up of highly skilled tradesmen who have been working together since 1998. We are fully accredited by Master Plumbers Association WA; our plumbers are also licensed Gas Fitters WAGA certified. We can handle all types of gas fitting jobs, including kitchen installations, bathroom renovations, water heaters etc.

Types of gas installation

Why choose Rowson's Plumbing Services for new gas plumbing installation?

We’re proud to be the best plumbers in Perth. Our team of highly trained and experienced tradespeople are all about customer service, so we know that when it comes to plumbing, you want someone who will get the job done right the first time, every time.

You can trust us with your new gas installation because we have over two decades of experience working on commercial and industrial projects across Perth. We also offer 24/7 emergency services – just give us a call if you ever need help at any hour of the day or night! With Rowson’s Plumbing Services, there is no job too big or small for us to handle.

If you’re not sure what kind of plumbing work is needed, don’t worry; our expert team will assess your needs before providing an estimate tailored specifically to your business requirements. No matter how large or complex the project may be, rest assured that we’ll deliver exceptional results every time!
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FAQs about new gas plumbing installation

There would be no definite answer to this question as each gas piping has different factors involved. There are a few things that a qualified plumber would consider before giving you a decent estimate. Those factors are the existing gas lines from the gas supply to the gas appliances or outlets, the condition of those pipes, the location and type of property, and the kind of gas service requested. It is advisable to call a qualified gas fitter or a licensed plumber at Rowson’s Plumbing Services to get better estimates.

It is never a good idea to do plumbing yourself, much more if it involves flammable and poisonous gases. You may have tried your hand at small renovation work or even large-scale projects, but unless you are a licensed gas plumber or gas fitter, never DIY a gas plumbing job. The majority of the causes of gas leaks are due to poor workmanship in DIY gas plumbing work. Using unfit pipes and fittings and a lack of understanding of complex gas networks and properties could lead to severe consequences like property damage, health issues and even death. It is better to call our licensed plumbers to work on your new gas installation for gas safety compliance and peace of mind.

  • Prevent disasters.

While gas is undeniably one of the most reliable heating methods for any home, improper installation can result in significant calamities. A minor leak can create significant air pollution and possibly fire damage, placing people in danger. Professionals will inspect and check the work thoroughly to ensure it is perfect. Professional gas fitters can examine the complete system for corrosion, damage, or breaches from entry to exit.

  • Knowledge and experience

Professional gas fitters and qualified plumbers can diagnose your gas system using their skills, equipment, and experience. Remember that this is a sensitive system, and you need precise data to avoid disaster. They have the proper tools for any diagnosis. This information helps you decide how to proceed. If a leak is discovered, it can be fixed immediately.

  • beyond the call of duty

A gas fitting professional does more than just the job you hired them to do.They will inspect everything to make sure it works properly. For example, if you had a leak, they would explain the system and the cause. They’d also provide you with advice on dealing with minor system issues.

With a gas compliance certificate, you can prove that a qualified plumber and a licensed gas fitter have installed or supplied gas and that the work is safe and meets QLD standards.

Only certified gas fitters can issue gas compliance certificates. A certificate will be granted upon completion of any gas installation, modification, or extension. After certification, certificates are generally issued within 30 days.

Gas cannot be delivered, nor can new gas installations or gas fittings be installed without a gas compliance certificate.

A gas certificate is required when:

  • Your building gets its first gas connection.
  • Your building’s gas is being reconnected.
  • Installing a new gas pipe, such as gas hot water or a gas bayonet for an outdoor BBQ
  • Installing gas appliances (hot water, stove, cooktop, fireplace, oven)
  • You’re swapping out a gas appliance