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7 tips to keep plumbing services cost down

We have all been there. You are in the middle of a draining day, and your sink backs up. Or worse, you come home to find the water coming out from under your front door! The last thing you want to do is call a plumber right then, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Luckily, we have some tips that will help keep the plumbing service costs down. But first, let us understand what constitutes plumbing.

Indoor plumbing

Plumbing is an ancient practice that dates back to the Roman Empire. Early plumbing systems consisted of a system for waste and one for clean water. Still, in time these evolved into more complicated networks, including special hot water tanks used to heat up water which was then delivered around buildings via additional channels and valves.

As the basic needs for clean water and sanitation increased, the indoor plumbing industry also evolved and became a complex and scientific profession. There are many areas covered in common plumbing services, from the installation of plumbing fixtures, proper planning of a plumbing project, to advanced hidden leak detection.

Average Cost for Plumbing Services

In Australia, common plumbing repair costs are affected by the scope of the job and the qualified plumber’s hourly rate. The scope of the job often falls under one of these eight different areas:

  • Water supply.
  • Gasfitting.
  • Sanitary and septic systems.
  • Roofing and gutters.
  • Drainage maintenance and drain cleaning.
  • Heating and cooling mechanical services.
  • Fire protection and irrigation.

Depending on which category your plumbing issue falls under effect the overall cost of the plumbing services. Problems involving the septic system usually cost more than the simple hot water tank leak. A hidden water leak that needs special equipment to detect also costs a lot.

7 Tips to Keep Plumbing Bills Down

When you have a serious plumbing issue, ignoring it is not an option. Unfortunately for many people, the costs of this kind of neglect can add up over time. Even if you have set aside money in your budget to cover unexpected repairs or emergency plumbing services – one misstep with water flow might wipe out all the savings you had put away just as quickly as a tap would fill your sink. A small water leak or slow drip can erode the pipe, or the pressure itself may cause joints and weak points to burst.

Heed these plumbing tips below to save yourselves from unfathomable plumbing repair costs and damages.

Don’t Ignore Plumbing Problems

Sounds like a leaky sink tap or dripping shower head is just annoying now, but you will soon be in the market for emergency plumbing services if it isn’t addressed. An experienced plumber can most likely fix this quickly and affordably before you lose litres of water and have a more expensive plumbing issue at hand. Leaks may also cause structural damage to your home and cause health hazards if left alone long enough.

Recognise Signs of Leaks

As a homeowner, you need to quickly recognize signs of leaks like dripping sounds, water stains, water spots, and sudden, unexplained rise in your water bill. Some leaks are obvious and in plain sight, while some are hidden and undetectable to the untrained individual. The quick way to determine if you have a hidden leak is to turn off your main valve and take note of the meter reading; wait fifteen minutes to two hours and check the meter reading again. If there is a change in the numbers, then you have a leak. Call your local plumbing services that offer leak detection services to find those hidden leaks before they become a bigger problem.

Prepare for The Plumbing Services

It may seem like a plumbing job is something you want to do yourself, but the truth of it all is that if you have any problem with pipes or drains on your property, this should be left up to licensed plumbers. Just because they are called “plumbers” doesn’t mean they will only fix one thing. The plumber has an entire list of things he/she has to do when visiting your house.

To keep your plumbing costs down, do a little preparation before the licensed plumber arrives. This may involve narrowing down where the leaks are or identifying your actual plumbing behind the drywall. Don’t make the plumbers move around any of your furniture just so they can fix what needs fixing! Make sure you unplug your home appliances near the leak and clear other furniture. If you’ve had an unfortunate flood in your home or apartment, then clear up that excess water yourself as well. Suppose the issue is in a dark place with minimal natural light. In that case, it will help to provide a direct light source to make the repair process faster and easier for the plumbing services.

Know how To Shut Off Your Water

Save money by knowing how to shut off the water. Turn your valves all the way to the right, and be sure you know where the main valve is in case of a plumbing disaster! 

Toilets have individual shut off valves behind the tank. The taps on the kitchen and bathroom sink usually have shut off valves under the sink. If it’s a leaky tap or a leaking toilet tank, shutting off the valves would save on the water bill and mitigate the damage to the plumbing appliance by releasing pressure to the affected pipes, hoses or taps.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Drain Clogs

If you’re not careful, your drains will clog. This is an issue that a professional plumber is well equipped to handle, but it can cost a lot of money to clear clogged drains and be very inconvenient for homeowners. It might seem easy enough to pour cooking grease down the drain or flush foreign objects like baby wipes. Still, these items may lead to bigger problems later on with regard to your drainpipe and septic system. Prevent hair from going down your shower drain by investing in mesh screens! These are very inexpensive and should be part of any routine for homeowners in preventing future plumbing issues.

Look for Guarantees

Even though plumbing issues are inevitable, there’s still hope. If you’re looking for quality service and want to be covered in case of a repeat issue, keep an eye out for guarantees from reputable companies with high standards that provide affordable deals as well. Find a local Plumbing service that has thoroughly trained plumbers and use advanced technology to deal with the plumbing issues at the source.

Get an Annual Plumbing Inspection by A Professional Plumber

It may seem counterproductive cost-wise at first glance, but having a regular inspection and maintenance can save thousands of dollars in emergency plumbing services and repairs. Have professional plumbers inspect your plumbing system so that you may avoid leaks or burst pipes. Scheduling a regular inspection and seasonal plumbing maintenance can prevent costly property damage and make sure your systems are in good shape. Preventing a leak is always better than repairs, and the cost will always be less than that of major plumbing repair costs and water damage repairs.

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of plumbing service, it might be time to call our Perth plumbers. All of the experts on staff at Rowson’s Plumbing Services have been extensively trained and certified. With years of experience under their utility belt as well as an understanding of all things related to water, including pipes, fittings and valves, they can fix any problem that comes up with your plumbing system. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as video inspection to diagnose problems fast, so there is no waiting around or downtime. At the same time, we try to figure out what’s wrong with your pipe system! These seasoned professionals can help ensure that your plumbing system is working properly, advise you if any components need replacing, and provide other common plumbing services your system may need.

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