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why does my clean toilet smell bad

What makes my toilet smell so bad? There is a strong probability you have cleaned and disinfected, but the odour just isn’t subsiding. Toilet odours are the bane of every homeowner. In addition to being unpleasant for you and your guests, it is downright embarrassing. Using air fresheners and candles to catch the smell of a stinky toilet might be tempting, but it doesn’t solve the issue. You can actually introduce toxic air into your home by doing this. This decreases the air quality in your home.

In the event you have thoroughly cleaned your toilet and the area still smells, there are several possible causes.

The following are some common reasons why your clean toilet smells:

Broken or Missing Toilet Seals

Any urine or water that has leaked under the toilet can encourage bacteria growth if there is no caulk sealing the area. By itself, this can cause odour problems in your bathroom. You may be able to seal the nasty smell into the floor by caulking around the toilet base, but removing the toilet and cleaning underneath it first is a good idea. A professional plumber should remove your toilet if you are uncomfortable doing so.

Incorrectly installed or clogged vent pipes.

The main indication that there may be a problem with the vent pipes is a toilet that looks and functions fine while emitting a foul smell in the bath area despite cleaning. Make sure the vent pipe on your roof releases sewer gases properly. Leaves and debris will prevent the gases from escaping, leading to a stinky toilet. Check to see if clearing the pipe of debris helps. It may be impossible to determine if a vent pipe has been severed or installed incorrectly by visual assessment. In this case, it’s best to contact a plumber for a professional diagnosis and repair.

Broken or Loose Toilet Bolts

A loose bolt or broken flange on your toilet will cause it to rock or wobble. In order to test the toilet, tighten the bolts that fasten it to the floor. If this does not resolve the sewage smell, it could be an issue with the wax ring or flange between the toilet and the waste pipe that should create an air-and water-tight seal. It is a good idea to call a plumber to examine these components if you are unfamiliar with them.

Invasion of Bacteria from The Sewer Into a Toilet Bowl

Somehow, microorganisms from the sewer may find their way into the toilet, where they will then multiply. Bacteria thrive in hot, humid conditions during the summer, which leads to this problem.

You can make quick work of cleaning up these unwanted visitors by pouring bleach into the toilet tank’s flush valve or overflow pipe. Flushing of the toilet will release the bleach, which will eliminate the bacteria and unpleasant smell.

The Toilet Tank Is Dirty

Cleaning your toilet bowl thoroughly does not ensure that your toilet tank is clean. Even when the toilet bowl is clean, your toilet’s tank can absorb the smell of urine and sewage. 

You can clean a dirty toilet tank in the same way you clean a dirty toilet bowl. It only takes you a few minutes to use a toilet brush and some white vinegar to scrub the tank walls with. To remove the vinegar from your toilet tank, flush your toilet several times after letting it sit for a few minutes. You should be able to get rid of the bad smell immediately.

Having a Clogged Toilet Drain

Even if the toilet is flushing normally, it might have a minor clog. If your toilet is clogged even slightly, you can smell sewer gas. 

If you suspect your smelly toilet may be the result of a clogged drain, use a drain snake to clear any minor obstructions from the drain, and get rid of any bad bathroom odours.

Replace a Damaged Toilet if It Is Damaged

If you have determined the problem is not the vent pipe, bolts, flange, or seal, you may have a damaged toilet or a more serious plumbing problem that requires an experienced plumber. Have you been scratching your head and holding your nose at the same time while trying to diagnose the problem? It’s time to call on a trusted professional plumber for toilet repair or replacement.

Speak To A Licensed Plumber Today

It is still best to call a plumber with any plumbing issue you encounter. You may be capable, but professional plumbers have more experience. Call the best-licensed plumbers in Perth to fix the issue and give you peace of mind. You can trust Rowson’s Plumbing Services to deliver the best service possible. Give us a call today and find out how our team of professionals will treat you with respect, follow through on commitments, and maintain high standards in every aspect of your plumbing needs!

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