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Most Common Plumbing Problems (1)

Plumbing problems are a part of owning a house and may spring up at any point in time. If you are an experienced handyman, you can fix some minor issues without any professional assistance. However, it’s best to leave the complex repair jobs to the experts plumbers

Now, you might be wondering which issues can you handle on your own and which one requires professional assistance. Through this post, let’s look at some of the common plumbing problems you will come across and how to fix them.

Common Plumbing Issues And Their Fixes 

The common plumbing issues homeowners must be aware of includes:

  • Leaking taps: This is a common issue that almost everyone may encounter. This happens mostly due to dislodged, stiff, worn out, or stiff internal washer. You can easily fix it yourself using the right tools. 
  • Running Toilet: If you happen to have a faulty flapper valve, you may end up having a running toilet. Get this plumbing job done quickly using a repair kit from any hardware store. 
  • Slow Draining Sinks: Blockages restrict the proper flow of water, causing slow drains. Food remnants cause blocks in kitchen sinks. As for bathroom sinks, soap and knotted hairs are the culprits. You can resolve it using a chemical clog remover or homemade remedies like baking soda and vinegar. 

What Are The Common Hot Water System Issues And How To Resolve It?

Hot water system problems are relatively easy to locate. You can do the repairs on your own in some instances, but most water heater issues are complex and dangerous and require professional service. Some of the common hot water issues are:

  • Variation in the water temperature:  With professional assistance, you need to check if the thermostat is getting sufficient power and if the water heater is the correct size. 
  • Low hot water pressure: Minerals get deposited in hot water pipes resulting in clogging. A professional plumber will help in clearing the pipes and flushing the water heater to resolve the issue. 
  • Coldwater blasts after several showers: This takes place when you have a smaller water heater tank. If you have several people at home, it’s best to opt for a tankless or larger tank water heater. 

When Do You Need An Emergency Plumber To Fix Your Plumbing Problems? 

Most plumbing repair jobs take place without any warning. If you’re not experienced, it’s advisable to get expert help. Let’s have a look at some plumbing problems where you need the help of an emergency plumber

  • Clogged toilets: If your toilet doesn’t flush or make peculiar noises, you can sometimes fix the issue yourself. However, if it does not work, contact an emergency plumber right away, or else it may cause sewage backup or structural damages. 
  • Water heater/boiler leakage: If you have a leaking water heater, you may end up paying huge bills. Make sure to get a qualified emergency plumber to address the issue quickly.
  • Burst pipes or significant flooding: During winters, as the temperatures dip, pipes may freeze and burst when you turn them on. Sometimes, underground pipes burst during the hot summers. Irrespective of the cause, it’s best to get an emergency plumber immediately to fix such issues. 

What Plumbing Services Are Available?

As plumbing related issues are soaring each day, the plumbing industry offers an array of plumbing services. Here are some of the common plumbing services you can take advantage of.

  • Water Supply Services: This happens to be one of the significant issues of plumbing. Blockages, backflows, and leakages are some of the problems you may encounter. Look for a plumbing company that provides maintenance, installation and repair, inspection, and testing of water supply sources.
  • Drainage System Services: Clogged drains can be a severe concern that eventually results in recurring clogs, foul smell, flooding, and slow water moments. This needs to be immediately fixed by a professional plumber who offers services such as:

Drainage or sewer maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

Clearing, maintenance, and repair of underground drains. 

What Time Of The Day Should You Call A Plumber To Fix Your Plumbing Issues?

It’s advisable for water and drainage systems to get in touch immediately. As if these issues are not fixed quickly can bring in extensive damage and further costs. 

Though some repair jobs are easy to fix, some others may pose a potential danger. Irrespective of the plumbing issue you face, professional plumbers can safely resolve the problem with ease. Fixing the repairs immediately will prevent the situation from getting worse. 

Should You Consider Pipe Relining?

With time, pipes age resulting in cracks and holes due to pressure and corrosion. Damaged pipes brew huge trouble when neglected, resulting in expensive property damages. With the help of expert plumbing technicians, you need to get your aging pipes relined. 

Pipe relining helps in filling up the holes and cracks without digging up the entire lawn. Unusual noises, foul sewage odour, dampness, and sewage coming up from the ground are some indicators to get your pipe relined. 

Need Help?

Remember to act fast if you encounter any of the above plumbing problems to avoid further escalations. To schedule a repair, get in touch with professional plumbing technicians at any time.

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