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possible reasons for that mysterious dripping noise

The pipes that bring water to our taps and toilets are often overlooked, but they’re what brings us the life-saving liquid. It ends its journey at your kitchen tap or bathroom sink from buried pipe lines under streets all over town. But these pipes give out when constant pressure and wear take their toll on them; if you see cracks in a line, for instance, get those fixed as soon as possible!

Reasons for Water Leaks

the importance of water leak detection

Ever had a leak in your home? Of course, you have! You’re not alone. One out of four homes has experienced an indoor water loss due to leaks from pipes and fixtures that can go undetected but are still significant sources for wasted water costs.

The water in your house is probably leaking somewhere! To find out for sure, take these steps: first, write down the reading from the meter and note any numbers. Second, turn off all taps or appliances with running water- including dishwashers and washing machines-, wait 2 hours before taking another look at where you’re standing now. If there have been changes to what was written earlier on, then congratulations – it looks like a leak has sprung up around here!

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Broken or worn out seals

Aside from iron pipes and PVC pipes, your water pipe network also have non-metallic materials. Your appliances have a seal that keeps your kitchen dry. You might not know the importance of this little thing until you notice puddles or condensation on it! If these are happening, then there is an issue with the seals around water connectors and dishwasher door, which need to be tightened up for optimum performance.

Pipe corrosion

If your plumbing system is aging, you’ll want to keep a close eye on it. Corrosion can cause iron pipes and other fixtures in the underground area of your house to rust or deteriorate quickly. It is best to keep an eye out on your private water pipes.

Loose connections and joints

Pipes are often disconnected at the joints, and you may not even notice them. These connections can deteriorate over time, causing leaks that allow water to escape. Suppose your iron pipes make a ticking or banging noise when turned on. In that case, they’re likely leaking due to deteriorating pipe material around the joints! 

A sudden increase in pressure

You may love the feeling of a cool shower, but too much water pressure can harm your PVC pipe network. Even if you have good-looking fixtures and taps, they cannot withstand prolonged periods at high levels or uneven pressures without leaking in some way.

Intrusive Tree roots

Tree roots can intrude on the pipes, including above-ground pipes, in rare cases and cause moisture to seep out into the yard, or you may notice sudden drops in pressure as well as wet patches or sinkholes near your home.

Temperature changes

The expansion of the water pipe network during freezing cold weather may cause cracks and leaks to occur. Pay close attention to how your plumbing behaves when you experience a sudden drop in temperature – it could be an early warning sign that something is wrong with your system!

What Are the Common Signs of A Water Leak?

potential dangers of untreated water leaks

A leak can be as subtle as a slow draining sink or toilet. How do you know if there’s something wrong, aside from the obvious?

For most people, their water bill remains consistent across the month. Unless you’ve hosted house guests and they led to increased consumption, or if it’s May when pools are filling up for summertime use, an unusually high water bill is a good indication that there may be a leak in your home!

Wet or Damp Floors

You’re walking across your carpet, and suddenly you step in a squishy puddle! The dog doesn’t look guilty, and your children swear they didn’t spill anything, so it couldn’t have been them. Chances are, that’s from a water leak.

The sound of running water or dripping sound can indicate problems like leaks or clogs but only after checking all other possible sources. Leak noise could sometimes be the hardest thing to detect. It’s best to leave this to acoustic leak detection services that use advanced leak detection techniques to find the actual leakage.

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Possible Reasons for That Mysterious Dripping Noise

possible reasons for that mysterious dripping noise

One of the most common sounds you might hear in your home is a dripping noise. It’s not always easy to tell what exactly is making that sound or where it’s coming from, but there are several sources for such noises.

The leaky tap can be a real nuisance. It may keep you awake, distract you from your daily activities or make it hard to find the guilty tap in question.

More subtle problems can also cause a toilet to make maddening leak sounds, so don’t forget to check the bathroom.

You might not be able to find the sound’s origin. Still, suppose you see water trickling down your wall and hear it dripping steadily in different spots of a room without any sign of the actual leak point. In that case, the chances are that there is an unseen leak somewhere. A cracked pipe could cause structural damage.

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What to Do in Case of Leaks

when should i call a plumber

When your pipes start to leak, it’s not time for panic. As a rule of thumb, turn off the main water valve and then open all of the taps to release pressure throughout your home plumbing system. Then, the most important step, call a professional Perth plumber from Rowson’s Plumbing services.

Do not try to find and fix the leak yourself. Water pipe leaks can be tricky, and the hands of an amateur could cause more harm than good.

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Final Thoughts

Suppose there are any water loss according to your meter or undetected leaks in your water lines. In that case, it is best to call a plumbing service that offers services as detection of leaks. Please do not attempt to DIY a hidden leak as you may not have adequate leak detection ability. Find the best commercial and residential plumbers in Perth at Rowson’s Plumbing services. 

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