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when should i call a plumber

A good chunk of what makes up our homes today are pipes (though they’re often hidden from view). From water mains under streets all over town, down through private properties’ footings and foundations before ending its journey as drinking water inside kitchens across suburbia; these pipelines get pretty old without showing many signs of wear-and-tear.

When you think about it, the plumbing in your home is really like an invisible gold mine. It’s not so hard to see why Perth’s best commercial plumbers recommend that if you notice a leak of any kind – no matter how small or whooshy – call an experienced plumber right away for professional help and advice!

And if that recommendation already has you reaching for the phone to call us, then consider these bonus details. You’ve taken an excellent first step. But while waiting on our arrival or reading this post for future plumbing issues, let’s take a closer look at the problem of leaks; they can be more expensive than anticipated!

Potential Dangers of Untreated Water Leaks

potential dangers of untreated water leaks

A simple minor leak is not as harmless as many might think. Not only will this affect your wellbeing with issues like allergies or asthma flare-ups, but even that minor leak could mean that you’re on the way to having costly repairs on water leak damage. When those pipes start leaking, they usually don’t stop until it’s repaired. If there’s too much stress for the water pipe from the water pressure, it could lead to a burst pipe. It is best to call a licensed plumber for leak repairs as soon as possible, no matter how small you think the leak is. These water leaks could also cause the problems below.

Mildew and Mould

The water damage that you experience at home might be a disaster for the property and your long-term health. For instance, one of the most considerable consequences is an increase in moulds and fungi within homes; these organisms produce spores that can pollute the air and prove hazardous to our well being if left untreated. Most houses have mould spores of some sort hidden somewhere inside their walls or crevices – this is almost inevitable even with new builds. When they are allowed to stay dry, then such spore colonies can lay dormant for decades.

When water comes into contact with spores, it’s when their growth is triggered. In the presence of water, mould can proliferate and produce more spores that pollute the air and make a very unsightly mess to clean up.

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Structural Damage

potential dangers of untreated water leaks on your commercial or residential property

Moulds are harmful enough, but what if the water leaks caused more than just a health hazard? The damage created can be expensive and cause structural problems. If your home has any of these three symptoms–staining, dark spots, or streaks along walls–then you need an expert team to come in and help.

When water starts to seep into drywall, it begins to warp and swell. That’s not just a problem for the sheetrock, though; any material can suffer this fate. If left untreated, these changes in moisture levels could lead down to compromising your home’s support beams and overall structural integrity! You might be able to spot swelling or warping from afar, but you won’t know if there are other problems until they’re too big.

Contaminated Water

The engineers from the University of Sheffield found that when there is a significant drop in pressure due to leaks, it creates an opening for foreign substances to enter through any holes or crevices left open by corrosion.

But how would a significant drop in water pressure happen? Well, it usually happens by turning off the water supply valve when the homeowner or property manager tries to determine if they have an undetected leak or attempts to undermine the hazards of a leak and minimize the cost of water services.


One of the most frightening dangers a water leak can lead to is creating accidental fires. Suppose leaking water reaches an electrical outlet, electrical appliances, or loose wires. In that case, it makes an electric short and causes sparks that could ignite into roaring flames that threaten lives and property. This would become more than just a plumbing emergency.

With commercial water leak issues in an industrial building or a workshop, leaking water may spread hazardous materials all over the place or mix and pool substances that should never be combined outside a controlled environment.

When Is a Water Leak Considered an Emergency?

when is a water leak considered an emergency 1

A Maintenance Emergency is a condition that, if left unchecked, could cause injury or threaten health. For instance: fire from a broken gas line or leak; flooding from a broken waterline; black water contamination when black water gets into the water supply; hazardous material contamination, and so on.

If you see a leak in your house, large enough for anyone to notice it and not just the water meter reader or plumbers themselves, then go ahead and shut off the main valve. That is definitely an emergency water leak. You may be a DIY’er, but you should leave the problem solving up to our professional commercial & residential Perth plumbers when it comes to a plumbing emergency. Call a licensed plumber before it gets worse, or you do costly damages.

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When Should I Call a Plumber?

when should i call a plumber

Aside from the unmistakable sign of leaks mentioned above, there are times that the plumbing leaks are not visible to the naked eye. If you notice a rise in your water bill, consider the possibilities of a hidden leak in the water systems. First, check the reading on your water meter and take note of the numbers; next, turn off all your taps and water appliances, including the dishwasher, washing machine and evaporative air conditioners and wait for 2 hours; finally, recheck your water meter, and if the numbers changed, then you have a hidden leak.

It’s time to call a licensed plumber in Perth with experience in leak detection and leak repair. Commercial property owners and property managers should probably schedule regular maintenance and routine repairs of the plumbing systems in their commercial buildings. If you notice signs of leaks and water damage in your business space, inform the building supervisor about it.

Is Water Leak Detection Considered an Emergency?

From a water leak detection specialists view, most visits are ‘urgent but not an emergency. An emergency water leak detection company may not provide efficient service without an emergency plumber and have the sole role of identifying the leak and provide support through the process as part of an insurance claim, including leak allowance, mitigation drying and other claims processes.

But there are also emergency leak detection services offered by plumbing companies like Rowson’s Plumbing Services in Perth. We would take care of any plumbing emergency, be it a basic leak or a major leak, from detection of leaks to leak repairs. We employ the latest in cutting-edge technology and advanced systems to ensure you are getting efficient, accurate and exceptional customer service. With our commitment to customer service standards, our experienced team will provide a smooth experience with us from start to finish!

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