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Hot Water Units

Tankless Hot Water Units in Perth

Tankless hot water units are perfect for any business or homeowner. While they provide a constant supply of hot water, they also are 8 to 35% more energy-efficient than a conventional unit. If you are looking to add value to your home, consider upgrading to a tankless water unit. They are long-lasting and can reduce your energy bills.


One of the most significant advantages of using this type of water heater is that Tankless hot water units can reduce a typical household energy bill by about $100 or more per year on their energy bills. The extra energy costs can be eliminated because there is no need to keep 40 or 50 gallons of water in a tank. Therefore, less energy is used.


What is a Tankless Hot Water Unit?


A tankless hot water unit, also referred to as an on-demand unit, heats water without storing it. The water will only be heated when the faucet is turned on.


Most tankless hot water appliances are small in size. On average, they measure 28 inches by 20 inches by 10 inches. Most tankless units will be able to provide 2 to 5 gallons of hot water per minute. If you are looking for higher flow rates, you may wish to go with a gas-fired device over an electric model. However, an electric unit will be more efficient but can up the cost of your energy bill. 

An electric tankless water heater can use up to 25,000 watts of electricity. Gas units will generally last longer and are more inexpensive to run. They are also safer than a conventional hot water device but can automatically shut off if there is scale build-up.  

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Hot Water Units Perth

Most Popular Tankless Hot Water Units​ Brands

While there are many tankless water heaters on the market, two of the most popular brands are Rheem and Thermann.  


Rheem Tankless Hot Water Unit

Rheem Tankless Hot Water Units

Rheem manufacturing is renowned for the water heaters that they produce. Coming up on its 100th anniversary in 2025, this global company has been trusted with its best-in-class products. With their tankless water heaters.


Rheem believes in energy efficiency while having hot water reliability.

Thermann Tankless Hot Water Unit

Thermann Tankless Hot Water Units

Thermann has been recommended by leading plumbers for their full range of water systems. The company offers real value with innovative performance. They utilize the very best Australian hot water technologies with world-class engineering and state-of-the-art design.  


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Rheem Tankless Hot Water Unit 2

How Do Tankless Hot Water Units work?

Cold water will travel through a pipe in the hot water system when the hot water tap is turned on.  The water will then be heated by either an electric element or a gas burner.  


hot water supply will always be available.  Cold showers will be a thing of the past, as the water unit will provide enough heated water for hot showers.  


Proper installation of a hot water system can allow the system to be more energy efficient


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