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The demand for professional commercial plumbing services has grown rapidly in Perth in the last few years. The need to have a perfectly functioning plumbing system has created a lucrative industry with a lot of choices.  The decision to hire a commercial plumber can be a difficult one.  There are many plumbing companies out there.  This article will help you to make an educated decision and choose the right commercial plumbing company for your plumbing needs.

What is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial plumbing is just what it sounds like, typical plumbing but for commercial areas. Whenever you think of plumbing, it usually is thought of as toilets or sinks, but it is so much more in the commercial aspect. This type of plumbing ranges from fundamental building offices, more significant scaled buildings, buildings made with industrial-grade pipes, massive structures with multiple floors, and recreational areas such as public bathrooms.

Commercial plumbers are still responsible for similar tasks such as pipes or fixtures needing any repair from general wear and tear, accurately testing the water heaters, and testing the correct water pressure. However, the plumbing system is so much more complicated than a basic house for any commercial area.

Why Is It Important for Businesses to Choose the Right Plumbing Company?

As a business owner, you don’t want to put money into something that ultimately doesn’t last the expected lifetime. Every commercial building needs plumbing, and a wise business person should consider a dependable, professional plumbing company.

In a single commercial space, there can be many, if not hundreds, of people using the plumbing simultaneously. This can be anything from bathrooms to drinking fountains. Ultimately by having so many people utilizing the plumbing system, the pipes, drains, and outlets will display wear and tear faster than those in a household.

By working with a professional commercial plumbing company, you can sequentially save money and reduce overhead, as well as lessen any severe issues that will damage the business’s property or affect your business’s functions by providing customized maintenance and services. Professional commercial plumbers will be able to diagnose and handle problems quickly and competently for long-term solutions; this way, as the business owner, you won’t have to worry about any significant malfunctions, disruptions, or leakages.

What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Plumber

There are multiple aspects when searching for the right commercial plumber for your business. To name a few are the amount of experience the company has if they are licensed and insured. Their knowledge within the plumbing industry and if they have the qualifications you are searching for—their reputation in the industry, along with the services they provide and their costs.


It may be obvious to consider the experience in which the professional commercial plumbing company you are considering has, but it is something to note as a high point. Certainly look into whether this professional company is a years-standing, high-reputation company and not just a handyman.

A well experienced commercial plumber will know everything there is to understand a commercial building’s plumbing system. This goes into mentioning that they will consider the role that gravity plays in impacting the water pressure in the building and the specific angle pipes must be at to avoid stagnant water, eventually creating a flooding issue.

License & Insurance

No matter if a plumber is specifically for residential or commercial work, they all have to be licensed in the state they work to practice on properties. Licensed commercial plumbers will also abide by all commercial code. Commercial plumbing systems often use industrial-grade fixtures; a licensed plumber will be well-versed in working with these requirements.

Hiring a licensed commercial plumber does not guarantee that every plumbing service or repair won’t need maintenance here and there. Still, it does provide you with the reassurance that your hired help is entirely competent and has the expertise required for the job. To be a professional commercial plumber, you must go through extensive hours of training and apprenticeship programs.

Industry Knowledge

Commercial plumbers are well-versed in the size and scale when working, but they may also specialize in a particular structure such as an office building or recreational areas. By specializing in an area, the plumber can familiarize themselves with the specific types of fixtures common for installation, repair, and routine maintenance.


Most commercial plumber requirements are specific to commercial plumbing experiences, which a residential or domestic plumber won’t have. Commercial plumbers will have the extensive knowledge and experience to work on more substantial boilers, sewer systems, pumps, and plumbing used by more powerful technical equipment.

Because the qualifications require extensive training, only licensed qualified tradespeople should be engaged.

Range Of Services

Because of the many services provided by a professional plumber, you should research the best plumber that is specialized in what you are looking for or need. Commercial plumbers will supply many various trades, skills, and qualifications to upkeep a business owner’s property. In an emergency, you can be assured you will get the same repairs or maintenance needed by doing so.

Some services typically offered for plumbing, pipework, gas heating, air conditioning & ventilation, electrical services, and roof maintenance are 24-hour emergency callouts, general repairs, upkeep, maintenance, and plumbing installations. When it comes to water and sewer issues, it’s best if left to professionals to take care of so that whatever the problem, it does not become more damaging.

Some crucial points to consider when looking for the right commercial plumber for your business is the following:

  • Reputation
  • Location
  • Customer Service
  • Cost

Final Thoughts

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