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When Should I Call A Plumber When My Toilet Is Clogged_

Blocked toilets are a nightmare that can happen to anyone. Slow drainage, the elevated water level in the toilet bowl, or peculiar sounds are signs of a clogged toilet.

No one wishes to do the tough job of fixing a clogged toilet. Unfortunately, you may end up having to fix it from time to time. Many times, using a toilet plunger clears the issue. However, there happen to be situations when deep clogs need professional assistance. 

The real task is knowing when you can handle the issue on your own and when you need the help of a professional plumber. Peruse on to find out!

Reasons To Call A Master Plumber For Toilet Clogs 

If you lack proper experience, any repairs beyond the use of a basic toilet plunger can cause severe damages. Here are some reasons why it’s more safe and cost-effective to get the help of a professional plumber like Rowson’s Plumbing Services

  • The plunger is not working: If the basic plunger method is not unclogging the toilet, various store-bought chemical products or drain snakes can damage your toilet. It may result in the wax ring’s breakage at the toilet base, resulting in huge flooding. To avoid such issues, getting a skilled plumber will resolve the issue quickly.
  • Flushed foreign objects: If your little one happens to flush their favourite toy through the toilet, you may end up with a toilet clog. It may have travelled far through the drain and might be causing blocks that might be hard to fix yourself. To avoid damaging your sewer septic lines, it’s advisable to get immediate professional plumbing assistance to get the toy out. 
  • Foul Smell: Foul order is an indicator of a huge plumbing problem. Overly clogged toilets result in hidden leaks, which can cause numerous issues. If the smell is left unchecked, you may end up with a huge water bill and serious respiratory concerns. Additionally, it results in mould buildup that can seriously damage your walls and floors. At this point, you won’t be able to fix it on your own and need professional plumbing services.

Can Hot Water Fix Your Clogged Toilet?

Using this simple trick, you can unclog most toilet issues. For this, you will need hot water and soap, which is easily available in any house.

Step 1: Get the hot water running in a tub or sink and wait patiently for it to reach the right temperature. Avoid using boiling water as it can damage the porcelain of the toilet bowl. 

Step 2: Next, add shampoo or dishwashing soap to lubricate the toilet bowl. 

Step 3: Then, pour the hot water into the toilet bowl and leave it for around 30 minutes. 

Step 4: Go ahead and flush the toilet. If the flush works, you are good to go!

Step 5: If the water starts to overflow, switch off the water valve behind the toilet. Then, repeat the process.

Is Organic Matter Causing The Clog In Your Toilet?

Then, you need to add hot water combined with an equal proportion of vinegar and baking soda. Make sure that the hot water is below the boiling point to Toilet body cracks. Leave the mixture for a few hours or even overnight to get the best results. You are all set if it flushes correctly!

Why Should You Contact the 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services?

When it comes to clogged toilets, though it appears to be simple, it’s not worth doing it on your own. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get emergency plumbing services rather than attempting the task yourself. 

– You may cause a backup or worsen the blockage. No one wishes to have wastewater backup in their house. This will damage your property, cause unpleasant foul odor and potential health hazards.

– Using the plumber’s snake without adequate experience can seriously damage your pipe works. This will result in additional repairs that are costlier than unclogging your toilet using professional help.

– Commercial chemical products for unclogging toilets mostly don’t work and create more issues.

Additionally, postponing the repair of clogged toilets may result in serious damages and potential water overflow. To avoid extra costs, get emergency plumbing services as soon as possible.

What Is The Cost Of Unclogging A Toilet?

Tried everything possible to clear the clog, and still, nothing works? It’s time to contact your plumber. Now comes the most anticipated question! How much will the repairs cost? Some plumbers charge hourly rates, whereas the others have a flat service fee for basic repair works. 

Most plumbers have to assess the plumbing issue before they can provide a cost estimate. The average fee for unclogging your toilet by a plumber is around $170 – basic without any complications. If the clog happens to be quite deep and needs special equipment, the costs will be much higher.

Are Weekly Services Available For Clearing Clogged Toilets?

Have you tried plunging your toilet several times and still not fixed the blocks? It’s time to get some backup assistance. Get the help of professional expertise to get the job done quickly. 

Trust Our Plumbing Experts at Rowson’s Plumbing Services!

Don’t waste your time negotiating on cost any more and trust the professional expertise to get the job done quickly! When faced with an array of toilet issues, calling the right professional would do the trick.

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