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What are the plumbing emergencies_

Imagine you are brushing your teeth and the water in the faucet suddenly stopped! Or you wake up one morning to find your floor flooded with 2 inches of standing water!! We have all encountered plumbing emergencies at some or other time. While it is good to keep the plumbing service hotline handy so that experts can come in before heavy damage, seeking help from the right plumbing emergency company like Rowson’s Plumbing Services will save you precious bucks and prevent anxiety attacks and heartaches.

Do you know there are some minor hiccups that we can manage without calling in a Perth plumber? At the same time, we should be able to differentiate when to take the call. This article will discuss what a plumbing emergency is and when you must ask for help.  

Burning hot water from the showerhead:

If you realize that the water you are getting in the shower is hot enough to cause burns, you most probably have an issue with the water heater. The water is getting heated more than it should. 

Grab the water faucet with a rag or a towel and turn it off. Next, switch off the water heater system and then open all the water faucets to allow the scalding hot water to drain away. Call your plumbing technician to assess the overheating issue before anyone else uses the shower. 

Dripping Taps:

Leaking taps generally will not qualify for a plumbing emergency, but things can escalate quickly if you try to sort out the leak yourself. For instance, don’t ever try using a wrench to shut off the valve, as you may potentially damage it. It is advisable to use bare hands to shut the valve. If you are familiar with basic plumbing, it is a good idea to assess the damage. Otherwise, it is best to call in a professional plumber

Leaks in washing machine hose:

If washing machine hoses spring a leak, there is every reason for you to attend to it as an emergency because not only does it lead to the growth of moulds and mildews in the laundry but it can also become a skidding place, especially for children and seniors. If you ever notice water dripping from the hoses, change the hose if you can manage it or call for help immediately. 

 Sewer lines blocked because of tree roots:

7 out of 10 cases of sewer blockage and damage is because of tree roots that naturally tend to grow towards sewer lines due to the right temperature and nutrients. The bad news is that the tree roots block the pipeline and even crack the pipes in time. If you are experiencing constant clogging around the house’s pipelines, call the emergency plumbing helpline and get the sewer line checked. 

Leaks in pipes:

If you are faced with leaking pipes often, the best thing to do is rush and shut off your home’s main valve. Make sure that you and other adults know where the main valve in the house is. If the leakage is due to a damaged or a broken pipeline, you will require a plumbing emergency called immediately for pipe relining or replacing the damaged pipes.

Even if you are a DIY expert, resist the temptation of applying patches on damaged pipes as it could lead to more problems and more significant expenditures. 

Clogged drains:

Whenever you notice water draining slowly or stagnating, waste no time calling your plumbing services, you may want to use a plunger till your plumber walks in. An ‘up and down’ motion is recommended to dislodge anything that may be clogging the drains. You can also use a chemical or a natural homemade drain cleaner to clear the gunk. 

A clog in the drain that sends backwater into the house is a sign of a significant sewage blockage in the pipes. A plumber is a right person to take charge so that property is not damaged in the house. 

Leaking closet and flush tank:

In case of a running closet, you may open the flush tank to inspect if the flapper is in place. Hardware stores sell repair kits that can be bought and easily replaced without calling in a professional. If the toilet bowl is leaking, a good look by a plumber will avert more significant issues. 

Odour in water:

A foul smell in your home supply water points to huge problems in the septic tank or the water pump. There is no way you want to fix the issue yourself. Dial the plumbing emergency right away to not expose yourself to nausea and hordes of bacteria. 

Gas leak:

If you suspect gas leaking in your home, quickly turn off the gas valve and make your way for the exit. A gas leak can be fatal. It can poison the occupants and the pets. It can lead to major fires and death due to asphyxiation. Plumbers know how to look for leaks, and they can safely enter your home in the event of gas leakages. 


Whether it is water stagnating in the house or dripping from the ceiling? Never delay calling in the plumbing professionals. You will thank us later for this timely advice.

And till the plumber arrives 

– Stay calm 

– Turn off leaking faucets 

– Switch off the water heater and gas supply 

– Keep away from using patches and chemical cleaners

– Don’t procrastinate further calling the plumber if you are unsure of anything

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