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Plumbing Emergency Tips_ How to solve the most common plumbing emergencies by Rowson's Plumbing Services

Plumbing emergencies are a nightmare for every property owner, and it is the worst that any house owner has to face. Irrespective of you being a landlord or a tenant, it is essential to know a few tips and tricks to handle plumbing emergencies. Quite similar to how we should be aware of basic first aid techniques, each of us should solve common plumbing issues?

This note lets us point out here that it is always better to call in a trustable plumbing agency in case of any plumbing emergencies, especially if you are placed in Perth. Instead of trying to solve the issue on hand and make it more severe. It is always advised to do basic repair and call in a professional plumber to tackle the issue.

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies come without warning and at times, make you nervous. You shouldn’t panic and handle the situation sensibly. 

  1. Don’t panic: It is essential not to get nervous and handle the situation at hand practically. Instead of overthinking, ensure you take actionable steps.
  2. Don’t try to fix: You must understand that you can’t do every work and need professional help. All you can do is try to control the damage.
  3. Turn off the electric and water supply: Ensure you plug off all the electric appliances and turn off the water supply. This way, we can avoid short circuits and avoid water wastage and the carpets getting spoiled.
  4. Clean the mess: By the time the technician comes to check on the issue, you can always clean the area if it is wet and keep the floor dry. This way, the plumber can work efficiently as soon as they arrive. 

Steps to Take in a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies can be of any kind, such as a water heater not functioning and cold water sweeping through the taps or sudden gas leak in the kitchen and hot water valve not functioning. It can be a garden hose that is overflowing or has a block. All these emergencies require skilled personal attention and should be treated on time. Here are a few plumbing emergency examples to look for: 

·        Extremely Hot Water:

Water heaters are the craziest appliances at home. You never know why they suddenly supply boiling water or at times stop functioning and supply cold water. In situations like these, it is recommended to turn off the heater and the taps. Don’t let kids touch the pipes and call in a plumbing company immediately.

·        Tap Drips:

Water is very precious, and each drop of water counts. So, don’t neglect if the taps are dripping, as this can pave the way for serious water leakage in the future. It is always better to deal with the situation in the early stages rather than wait for it to become a server.

·        Leaking Pipes:

Are you annoyed with the regular wet floor that you have been ignoring for a long time now? Probably it is time you should call in an emergency plumber in Perth like Rowon’s Plumbing Services. Meanwhile, you can turn off the main water valve to stop the leakage and check for the exact problem. See if you can see the leaking point and wait for the plumber to arrive. 

·        Leaking Water Heater

As stated above, water heaters are the most problematic, and you can’t handle them single-handed. Hot water can sweep in through kitchen taps and cause boils, so you should be extremely careful in handling this situation. The best thing to do would be to turn the water heater off and check the temperature set in the heater. Try changing the temperature and see where exactly the problem is.

·        Plugs and Clogs:

Plugs and clogs are very common in Perth. Most houses face this problem knowingly or unknowingly; the cause for the concern is always connected with the garbage disposals in the kitchen or the trees’ root in the garden. These are the trickiest emergencies that definitely require immediate attention. Check if you can solve the clogs with the help of a plunger and in case it doesn’t solve the issue, call in for help.

·        Toilet Troubles:

Toilets blocks and leakages are the most common emergencies that you may come across. These are a little easy to handle, as they only pertain to the washroom and don’t affect the whole house’s functioning. You might be facing trouble in flushing out the water, or the taps may be dripping, or the toilet water is overflowing. The best way to handle such a situation would be to turn off the toilet’s water valve and check for the cause. 

·        Waste Smells:

A bad odour definitely is a turn off for everyone, especially if you are getting in from the toilet. The waste smell can be due to the garbage disposed of in the kitchen or the clogs outside the garden’s home. It is definitely a sign that something has to be checked internally; this can lead to a severe problem soon and requires professional help. 

·        Whirring Disposals:

A whirring sound can be fun for kids to make fun off and to have a hearty laugh. But it is an indication that something got stuck in the pipes and would lead to bigger issues if not looked into. Whirring sound can be due to the disposal of the waste or the clogs in the kitchen sink. So, a wise thing to do is to start checking from the kitchen to the garden. Try pouring hot water and see if you can solve the issues; otherwise, you might have to get in touch with the plumbing company. 

·        Any Gas Leak:

A gas leak is one of the serious issues to look for as it can lead to putting the whole house on fire. Once you get a hint of a gas leak, you should immediately turn the gas pipes, open the windows, and don’t forget to turn the electrical appliances. Check the pipe lines and see if there is any damage. You can also check the central connection and see if there is any connection left with the loose end. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call in for help.

What Can You Do to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency?

Most Perth homeowners can’t avoid plumbing emergencies, but they can be worked upon if you pay attention to the signs and handle the issue before they become bigger ones. The other way to make sure you don’t have to face plumbing emergencies is by making sure you get the house adequately checked by the plumbing agency at proper intervals. Choose Rowson’s Plumbing Services as your plumbing emergency partner and stay away from all the plumbing emergencies

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