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How To Choose The Right Emergency Plumbing Company In Perth by Rowson's Plumbing Services

Most homeowners in Perth fall prey to plumbing scams because they do not take out the time to look for an experienced and licensed plumbing company before the problem breaks in. It is important to gather all information and do your due diligence before settling in for a plumbing company. Here are some tips to help you choose the right plumbing service in Perth.

  • Gather quotes from plumbers, especially if you are likely to run a huge bill. Make sure to bring down the quote to include the call out charges, materials, and labour cost.
  • Check the plumbers’ license and ensure that you cross-check their qualifications.
  • Experience counts in this profession, especially if you are looking to get a complex job done. 
  • Check to see if the plumber has experience working on problems that you would want him to solve.
  • The plumber should have the latest plumbing equipment. If the plumber is not well equipped, then it pays to look elsewhere.
  • It is a must to check for insurance as plumbing work is risky. The plumber should also offer a guarantee for his work.
  • Make sure to check if the plumber will be available on short notice.

How to avoid plumbing scams

Plumbing scams are not uncommon. Here is how to avoid them.

  • Check the standard of materials that are used. Your plumbing system cannot do with any cheap alternatives. Ensure to cross-check the parts that the plumber would use and check them online.
  • The plumber should not be subcontracting the work, or you may end up seeing a huge force in your house working on the project. They may also use two plumbers to do the job that can be done by one. Get everything in writing when you sign the deal.
  • Inflated hourly rates are not uncommon, especially if you are living in an upscale area. It is best to check the rates only before you decide on the rates.

When you gather the quotes, do not fall prey to verbal quotes that seem to be too good to be true. Always back up everything that you agree on in writing. 

Questions to ask when looking for the right emergency plumbing company in Perth

Plumbing work can be stressful, and if you end up with an unprofessional, it will only add to the problem. You need to choose an efficient plumbing company, so here are the questions you should ask if you are hunting for a reliable emergency plumbing company in Perth.

  • Do you offer your service 24/7? You should look for a confirmed answer here because there are cases when the plumbing company has promised emergency services only to back out at the wee time. You may want to know what times of the day you can call them and how long they will take to reach your place.
  • Are you efficient in handling the plumbing jobs? You may, at times, need an instant repair that should be dealt with urgently. If the plumber is unqualified and inefficient, he will fail to fix the problem and bring other complications.
  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee? Make sure to check if the plumbing company offers a warranty for their services. The professional companies would be backing up their work. If the company is not offering a garnet, then this should raise a red signal.
  • How do you accept payments? Ask the plumbing company for details about the costs involved. Most of them will give you hourly rates or estimation. This is especially a problem if the rates have been discussed on the phone. You must clean these issues before you hire a plumber.
  • Do you have insurance? The insurance requirements may vary with the place and the work that you need to get done. However, it pays to check if the insurance company has proper insurance. Check the licenses to see if it is valid. Without insurance, if things go wrong, then this could lead to severe complications.

Call-out-charge of most emergency plumbing companies in Perth

The call-out-charges are the expense that is spent on equipment and travel. It would take around an hour or two for the emergency plumber to come to your place. Check out the average overhead cost for the call-out-charges. Some plumbers may charge you a flat rate and do not charge you substantial fees. However, when there is an unexpected issue, and the work begins, the plumber may ask you extra for the service. Thus, make sure to clarify the call-out-charges to plan your budget.

What’s considered plumbing emergencies?

Here are the things that are considered to be a plumbing emergency.

  • There is flooding risk because of a sump pump, a sewer back up, or flood damage that causes severe structural damages, and this is a concern.
  • Sewer backup line where the sewer sits on the backup point can create a health hazard. It prevents the usage of running water and facilities, which makes living difficult.
  • There is no running water because you cannot use the faculties, affecting your daily tasks.


When you have a plumbing emergency, you feel the need to call a professional to prevent further damage. However, calling the plumbing services at night or on the weekend will come at a high premium. You should thus know when to call and when to wait for the right time. A plumbing emergency can come unalarmed, and thus, it is important to do your homework and find out the details of an emergency plumbing service provider. This can save you from the last-minute hassle of settling for any plumbing service that may end up being unqualified and unprofessional, causing more harm than help.

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