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Emergency Plumbing Cost In Australia 2021 by Rowson's Plumbing Services

Have you ever faced problems with plumbing in your house? What happens when there is a plumbing emergency? Different people may react differently to these issues depending on what constitutes an emergency for them. In an emergency, you need to take the right steps to reduce and contain the damages. Contacting a professional is better in such situations. Read on for more information on the cost of emergency plumbing in Australia. 

What Is The Cost of Emergency Plumbing Across Australian States?

Emergency plumbing jobs can be of different categories.

  • The plumbing company did any work after regular working hours
  • If you call a plumber at odd hours, he may charge extra
  • Situations that can be dangerous or harmful to the building or people
  • Calling plumbers on weekends or holidays can incur additional expenses

The charges for various jobs will vary from state to state and from one local area to another. When we talk about places like Perth and Sydney, we can only speak about average costs. The actual prices may differ from service to service, depending on many factors. 

If a plumbing job costs around $400 during regular hours, it may cost you $800 if done as emergency work. The price will also depend on how specialized the job is. Emergency plumbers also charge a ‘call-out fee,’ which includes travel time and other charges. It can range between $50 to $150 for a normal visit but can go up to $250 for emergency visits

What’s the average hourly rate of emergency plumbers in Perth?

Not all plumbing jobs are the same. Usually, plumbers charge an hourly rate and add extra for any material or equipment. For most standard services, plumbers have a set fee. This fee will also vary from one plumber to another, even in Perth. On average, the hourly rates will be 

  • Ranging from $50 to $200 per hour
  • On average, it could be about $80 per hour
  • Depending on the type of job and time taken, the charges can start from $120 to a few thousand dollars. 
  • Rates will also rely on the plumber supplying materials himself.

What Factors Affect Emergency Plumbing Costs?

There are many factors, which can affect emergency plumbing costs.

  • Time of the service: 

A midnight visit will charge more compared to a day time call.

  • Type of service
  • If it is regular plumbing but requires urgent attention
  • Urgently needed work because it is causing damage to the property or people 
  • The advice of a specialist or an expert 

Some projects need special handling as well as an expert’s opinion and will cost more.

  • Effects of the problem

Any problem which is leading to monetary damage or causing inconvenience requires emergency plumbing and may cost more.

What are the most common plumbing emergencies, and how to avoid them?

Most people are clueless about plumbing and calling a professional at the first signs of any problem. For them, any and every situation seems like an emergency. However, the most common plumbing emergencies can include 

  • Damaged or broken water lines
  • Clogged drains
  • Gas leaks

Some of these plumbing problems are unavoidable, but you can take some steps to prevent these problems to some extent.

  • Using good quality materials
  • Regular maintenance
  • Routine checks with the help of a professional
  • Carry out repairs as soon as you notice any problem instead of letting it become a bigger problem

How to choose the right emergency plumbing company in Perth?

Thanks to the internet, now it is easy to search for local plumbing companies in Perth. All the companies claim to be the best and offer many incentives. However, to choose the right emergency plumbing company, you should look at the following factors.

  • Experience

You must try and verify the credentials. You need professionals to do your work who have the right skills and experience. Professional & licensed can solve plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Warranties

See which companies are offering the best warranties for their workmanship as well as for the products. Companies that offer better warranties are confident in their work.

  • Reviews

When there are so many companies offering their services, you can judge them only on their prices. It would be best if you went through reviews to get a better perspective of the company. The companies’ websites may have testimonials, but independent reviews will offer a more accurate picture.

  • Call Out Fee

Many companies offer exceptional services with zero call-out charges. This fee can be high, and if you get an option with no call-out charges, it can be beneficial.

  • Transparent & Competitive Pricing

Some companies in Perth are quite secretive about the pricing and add hidden costs to the final bill. The best thing to do is get quotes for the same work from different companies and compare them. Some companies may offer low prices but maybe use bad products and do a shoddy job. Look for transparent pricing to know whether you are getting a good deal or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do you need an emergency plumber?
  2. If a water pipe bursts, it may quickly flood your home and cause extensive damage to the house as well as to the things kept there. Similarly, all plumbing emergencies can become dangerous, and you must try to limit the damage by taking some quick actions and calling a plumber. 
  3. How to find out if the plumbing is bad?
  4. Some clear signs indicate there are problems with plumbing. 
  • A dripping faucet is relatively standard and annoying, and worn-out washers could be causing this problem.
  • A plunger can clear clogged or slow drains. However, if it happens often, you may need to check the pipes for root growth or other problems.
  • A leaky or running toilet can be an indicator of the machine not working correctly. Clean and check it, and if the problem persists, then change it. 


Whether in Perth or any other place, when a plumbing emergency arises, you want the plumbing professionals to be responsive, competitive, and certified to do their work efficiently. There are many factors which you need to keep in mind while choosing an emergency plumbing service. It is best to have this information on hand and not scramble for it when you need it urgently.

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