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common plumbing questions to ask when buying a property

A home that is older has many advantages. The problem is that some buyers experience buyer’s remorse after acquiring a property that needs thousands of dollars in repairs. It is important to ask about these common plumbing problems before you purchase a home in Perth if you want to prevent the need for plumbing services.

Plumbing-How Does It Affect Us? 

A home that is older requires attention to a lot of details. There is a possibility that the roof, electrical system, and HVAC system are near their end. Does worrying about the plumbing really make sense, given everything else you have to worry about?

I would say yes. Approximately 15% of a home’s value is the plumbing system. So, the price should be reflected in the plumbing condition of the home. In the case where the plumbing is older than 25 years and poorly maintained, your offer should be reduced accordingly.

It will be costly to repair a major plumbing issue. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may have to replace the pipes. Working with a plumber who offers 24-hour service can save you the hassle of an unexpected repair. While a home inspector might probe the plumbing system, he or she is not an expert. There might not be signs of defective pipes detected by the expert.

It’s important to hire a plumber in addition to a home inspector. Ask them to examine the plumbing in the home and learn more about it. You should ask a few common questions to better understand how much work your system will need.

Ask Your Plumber These Questions.

A qualified plumber knows how to diagnose plumbing problems. When dealing with an older home, ask these questions to ensure that it won’t be a money pit for plumbing repairs.

Did the Previous Owners Perform Diy Fixes? 

The current owners can answer this question, but there is no guarantee that they will be honest. Some homeowners attempt to do plumbing repairs themselves in an attempt to save money. Unfortunately, future owners will have to deal with this. A DIY repair is typically performed improperly. Additionally, they might not always be up to building code, causing you trouble and costly issues.

A plumber might notice some unusual details as they inspect your system. These details may indicate that DIY plumbing work was performed. It may be necessary to invest in your plumbing to bring it up to code and ensure that it is working properly.

Does the Hot Water System Work? 

A water heater will not last forever, just like most household appliances. As a matter of fact, its lifespan is only eight to twelve years. You will need to spend money on a replacement heater, but keeping an outdated heater will cost you more.

This can be explained by two factors. In the first place, old heaters require frequent repairs. You will begin to shell out money for repairs as you get to know your plumber by name. In addition, these units aren’t energy-efficient. Due to your old water heater, you could have a high energy bill.

New water heaters can lower your utility bills and prevent repairs. If your plumber has any recommendations for a new, more efficient heater, ask him what he thinks of the existing heater. Don’t overlook the benefits of tankless water heaters or hybrids.

Do I Need to Replace the Toilet and Other Appliances? 

The problem with your hot water isn’t the only thing your plumber should address. You should have a plumber inspect any other appliances that rely on water. Included in this are dishwashers and toilets.

You may have an inefficient toilet or dishwasher, just like with your water heater. In the long run, you might end up with a home that has high energy bills if they aren’t replaced. Aside from the obvious benefits of having these items inspected, there is another benefit. An inspection by your plumber may reveal a serious leak in your plumbing. You may be able to avoid the extra costs by being thorough once again when buying a home.

Is It Made of Copper, PVC, Iron, or Galvanized Pipes?

After 1930, most houses had copper pipes. However, older houses don’t always have copper pipes. The danger of lead was unknown decades ago. Copper pipes with lead solder were common in some homes. Unfortunately, lead causes kidney damage and brain damage as well. The copper pipes in your prospective home will need to be replaced if they contain copper.

Your pipes need to be replaced, and it is not an inexpensive fix. However, it increases the value of your new home. The most important thing is that your family will be safer from toxic water when your pipes are replaced.

Is There a Leak in The Sewer Pipes?

A broken sewer line is one of the biggest plumbing headaches. It is difficult to access these lines, and major repairs may be labour-intensive. In older homes, the sewer lines tend to be in bad shape, so make sure you ask about yours.

Several issues may cause problems in the future. Over time, pipes are susceptible to eroding and must be replaced. Leaking joints are another common problem. You may even encounter problems with your plumbing caused by tree roots that grow into sewer lines.

It is more than inconvenient to experience sewer line trouble. You’re also at risk of health problems. Whenever a sewer line breaks, you should call a 24-hour plumbing service provider. If you want to avoid that situation, you can have a plumber inspect your lines first.

How Is the Water Pressure in The Area?

Ask around the neighbourhood if there are any low water pressure issues. A telltale sign would be water pumps for every house. If that is the case, have a plumber check the condition of the pump and calculate the expenses if there are any.

The Plumber and Building Inspector

Have a local plumber come along with the building inspector before you agree to the price and sign that contract of sale. Call the best plumbers in Perth at Rowson’s Plumbing Services to check on that property’s plumbing system. Ask for a quote on all the needed repairs and replacements needed. This can help you negotiate the potential cost of the property.

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