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Roof Repairs & Roof Leaks

We are Perth's Trusted Experts When It Comes To Commercial Roof Repairs & Roof Leaks

Perhaps, for the first time, you can have peace of mind leaving your commercial roof in someone else’s hands. Rowson’s Commercial Roof Repairs is an experienced roofing company in Perth. And our team of roof plumbing experts can repair and replace any commercial roofing systems, apartments, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, restaurants, retail stores, medical offices, etc. 


Whether you are looking for a company to repair your entire roof or to do roof maintenance work, we would be more than happy to help, just get in touch with us to schedule a free inspection.


Why Perth Businesses Choose Rowson’s For Commercial Roof Repairs?


Our crew of roofing experts have had the privilege to tackle all sorts of roofing issues over several years, and we have never disappointed our customers. That said, if we have learnt anything from our 22 years of business in this industry, it is this: “even the best of roofing systems will need repairs at some point.”  And as a business owner/manager, it’s something you cannot ignore.

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Commercial Roof Repairs Perth - Rowsons Plumbing Services

Protect Your Investment With Rowson's Roof Plumber

Don’t hesitate to give us a call; whether you’re in charge of a large factory, or a small retail store, Rowson’s Plumbing Services can help you protect your investment by repairing your damaged roof.


 Our team of experts understands the importance of keeping your business’s doors open, and the need to fix your roof issues swiftly.


Which is why Rowson’s is one of the leading commercial roof repair companies in Perth, business owners trust us to get the job done, and we make sure not to disappoint them, but to give them greater peace of mind knowing that their roof is in safe hands.



Cost-Effective Commercial Roof Repairs in Perth



Timely roof repairs aren’t only the best way to protect your property, but it is the most cost-effective way to save your existing roof. However, this statement isn’t always true, especially if you hire a company without a solid track record in the industry.



There are companies out there who are notorious for doing faulty or half-completed jobs, we recommend keeping your distance from them. But if you call Rowson’s, you know that you are getting value for money, and that we will be more than happy to discuss how our services can be of help to you.

Family Owned & Operated For Over 22 Years

With over 22 years in the industry, you can count on our expert team to provide the expertise you need. We’ve seen it all, and we have the experience to know what works and what does not.

Available 24/7

If you are not completely satisfied with our installation or repair service, we will not rest until we have made it right. We are not happy unless you are!

Prompt Arrivals & Fast Turnarounds

You don’t have time to wait around all day for your plumber to show up. Our licensed professional technicians arrive to your home on time, ready to work.

Why Choose Rowson's Plumbing Services

Rowson’s Plumbing Services is a proudly Western Australian owned and operated company that specialises in commercial plumbing, residential plumbingemergency plumbing, and pumps servicing, repair, and installation in the Perth CBD and metropolitan areas.


Our client sites include historical buildings, commercial complexes, high-rise apartments, and retail outlets. Rowson’s Plumbing Services approaches all projects with the commitment to effectively complete tasks on time and budget.


Our commitment to customer service standards is expected from our team, including management, trades, administration, and support. Every client is expected to be treated with the utmost respect and the highest standard of workmanship at all times.

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