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Backflow Prevention and Installation Perth
Backflow can occur when water from a property flows back into the pipes. This is a health risk for you and your family
as the water can become contaminated.

Rowsons Plumbing Services

Backflow Prevention & Installation in Perth

Commercial backflow preventers are designed to keep contaminated water from flowing into your home’s potable water supply. Without one of these handy devices, sudden changes in water pressure can allow water to flow backward in the pipes, bringing harmful substances with it.


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Rowson's Plumbing Services - Backflow Prevention Devices

Importance Of Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices keep your water clean and potable by keeping pollutants from contaminating your water supply via backflows, which is when wastewater runs in the opposite direction. When that happens, you can be exposed to contaminants that can make you moderately to severely ill as mentioned before.


Drinking water can also be contaminated by backflow from the following places: fire sprinkler systems, commercial boiler systems, underground lawn irrigation, and boiler systems with anti-freeze.


Backflow prevention assemblies have parts that can wear out and cause backflow contamination. This is why it’s crucial that you have a functional backflow prevention device in place for your home or complex.


While a backflow prevention device is key, proper installation and maintenance are critical.


Protect yourself from backflow contamination and ensure that your water supply is safe and sanitized by opting for a backflow testing service from an accredited backflow testing service provider.

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